BoxBoy spotted having some good time on the streets of Australia

Young talented internet sensation, BoxBoy, caught with a couple of friends enjoying the cool breeze in Sydney Australia.

BoxBoy has grown to become a public figure, with every of his action attracting the attention of millions of fans across the globe. As an online celebrity, BoxBoy can hardly walk the street without being recognized by his fans and the case was not particularly different when he was caught seemingly having a good time with some of his friends in Sydney. The young Instagram celebrity looked unfazed by the attention he was receiving while signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans.


The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to ravage the world, infecting more than 5 million people across the globe. There is no doubt that the effects of the pandemic have become more devastating than anyone ever envisaged. Consequently, governments of nations in different parts of the world have put measures in place to curb the spread while well-meaning people and corporates continue to contribute to alleviate the suffering of people. It looked like BoxBoy took a similar route with a rather different approach as he chilled with some friends while lending a helping hand to his fans and other members of the public, giving out donations as he walked the streets of Sydney.

As expected, the actions of the TikTok giant have made the headlines, particularly on different online platforms. Unfortunately, many of the news remain rumors, especially as no one has been able to come out with facts to substantiate their claim. BoxBoy’s creativity and ingenuity have made it even more difficult for people to ascertain what he was actually trying to achieve as it could just be some of his many pranks or in fact, a kind gesture to help people during the pandemic. Regardless of the reason for the fact, one can hardly deny the kindness of his act and its effect on the lives of people he reached out to during the process.


After much speculation, it turned out that BoxBoy was in the process of shooting another video that will thrill his fans on the internet.