Bingo makes further gains abroad as SkyCity adds to library

As one of the leading casino gaming providers across Oceania, SkyCity has added bingo to its long list of successful inroads into other facets of the global digital gambling world. It’s a decision that has come as no surprise to ardent casino players outside of the continent who have been calling for this inclusion to enable them to play their favorite casino game on their favorite casino site. SkyCity has long been the go-to destination for gamblers in Australia and New Zealand, attracting high-rollers from Eastern Asia as well, so it was a natural step for the company.

It’s a decision that has been in the pipeline for quite some time. SkyCity understands that having a significant chunk of the gambling market in Australia and New Zealand isn’t as valuable as it may seem if you’re not consistently striving to stay ahead of the competition – and with this latest move, the Auckland-based conglomerate is showing yet again why staying stagnant in such a fast-moving industry is not a good idea.


The new bingo section at SkyCity depicts why they are such a revered and respected name, particularly in New Zealand. The slick design, the wide selection of games and the seamless compatibility between mobile devices and PCs or laptops are all the attributes you would associate with a top online casino, and they’re all components that SkyCity has never faltered on. Now, these are aspects that gamblers outside of the continent will be able to experience.

The transition between land-based and online gaming

Of all the casino games that were switching from land-based physical casinos to online digital platforms, analysts voiced concern that the only games that might be unable to make the switch would be poker and bingo. Poker in a physical casino relies on the player reading their opponent and their moves, and seeing whether they can psych them out and gain an advantage.

Of course, the online version requires none of this. However, virtual poker machines, which have been popular for decades, highlighted that there is a real underswell of poker players who enjoy playing to understand their hands more so than the physical competition, so poker companies were more optimistic than some ardent poker fans and players who were rigid in their ways and refused even to acknowledge that live poker tables could become a success.

Fast-forward 20 years and it’s clear that online poker is a formidable arm of the poker industry, raking in billions of dollars in profit every year.

Bingo players heard much the same argument. Since bingo halls were packed out in the 1970s and 1980s, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom, critics argued that this sense of togetherness and the social aspect would be lost online. Again, as we turn the calendar forward, it’s another multimillion-dollar arm of the gambling sector, and many bingo players can still enjoy the social aspect through voice messages, speaking to their friends on chat, all while playing from home.

SkyCity is more than happy to facilitate this, with its excellent service and longstanding brand reputation, and by pushing further afield from Oceania and focusing on a global market, this is beginning to reap some serious rewards for the Auckland company.

The appeal of online bingo

Gamblers can relax at home without having to move from their comfort zone, and the solitude offered by playing from home, without having to spend time getting ready and money traveling to a casino, is part of a strong appeal that has seen millions of people move online. These are all crucial factors that SkyCity has factored in before spending ample time and resources creating an excellent product that delivers for customers.

The strength in this market is underlined by the projected growth, with many economists and analysts believing the online gambling industry as a whole can grow by an additional 100 billion dollars by 2030.


As more gamblers move toward this way of gambling, and as more casino companies continue to put more resources and time into growing these areas of their business, the benefit will be felt throughout the industry, so now is the ideal moment for SkyCity to put their foot on their gas and expand their bingo operations further afield.


Technology has shown no signs of slowing down, whether it is through groundbreaking inventions such as ChatGPT or mobile phones becoming even more sophisticated and having the ability to host even better games; the tech boom shows no sign of inertia, and the gambling industry will be riding that wave. This is where SkyCity enter the equation, providing seamless, smooth online bingo services for customers of Oceania and other continents.

Given that SkyCity has the luxury to maneuver itself into a strong market position due to its long-standing and loyal customer base, the emphasis was to deliver a bingo product for customers abroad – and they have delivered on this promise emphatically.

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