Best Shows you should not Miss on Netflix 2022

Many shows have hit the TV screen this year that you can stream in a high-quality. If you are a fan of online streaming, make sure you have a good speed internet connection with reliable customer service like HughesNet español to not let your streaming struggle the slightest.

If you can’t decide what reality shows to stream this year, we have got you covered. Below is a list of some of the best shows to stream in 2022. If you are already a Netflix subscriber then you should have a look at this outstanding list of shows to not miss in 2022, Dive in!


Another outstanding show not to be missed is Gotham. The story revolves around a detective named James Gordon in Gotham City, before the arrival of Batman. Thomas and Martha have been murdered and Gotham City Police detectives; James and his partner, Harvey Bullock, take the case.

The show takes you on a roller coaster ride as the detectives look for the Wayne murderers. The show gives you flavors of the good, the bad, the evil with a man of strong repute, who is the essence of law and order, yes, we are talking about Gordon.

Stranger Things

We all have heard about the hype about this show. Stranger Things turns out to be a favorite for many. The story revolves around a young boy who disappears and how her mother, the police head, and others face supernatural forces to bring him back. When the boy, Will, goes missing all of a sudden. The small town of Hawkins no longer stays a peaceful community. Everyone searches for the boy and the mysteries that follow along the quest.


Rumors had it that Ozark is based on a true story but it’s not. It’s a story of an ordinary family with an ordinary life except for Marty who is a financial advisor in Chicago. The actual twist is the fact that he also serves a big money launderer. He relocates his family from Chicago to the Ozarks to work for a drug boss. The story revolves around how he struggles to keep his family safe while things start going wrong and he is indebted to pay off the drug lord.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Another show you should binge-watch is The Lincoln Lawyer. It’s a story about a charismatic lawyer defending a wealthy man while he is guilty of multiple crimes. The show is full of twists and turns and unraveling mysteries where the case keeps getting interesting.

Inventing Anna

If you are to watch Netflix crime dramas, then you should definitely not miss Inventing Anna, this series is inspired by real events, and a journalist Vivian Kent investigates the case of Anna Delvey who poses to be a German heiress. This Shonda Rhimes’s series has made its way to the top 10 shows on Netflix across not just United States, but several other countries. The series revolves around the quest of who Anna really is. It also throws light on the selfish and money-desperate society. Anna remains to be ungraspable until the journalist finally meets this young 25-year-old woman in prison.

Final Words

If you were looking for the best shows to watch, then the aforementioned list has it all for you. Make sure you check out these shows to get the best entertainment. Happy watching!