Best 5 Instagram Spy Apps

With more than 1.4 billion users worldwide, Instagram is among the most popular social networking sites today. This photo sharing platform is especially popular among teens and young adults. Statistics show that about 71% of IG users are 35 years old and below. Logically, parents should keep a watchful eye on their children’s social media accounts to prevent them from falling prey to online fraudsters and molesters.

Read on to learn how you can spy on Instagram messages and consequently keep your loved ones safe.

Dangers of Instagram

Despite its numerous social benefits, IG poses some safety concerns among the youth. This social platform is a favorite among child predators who hunt naïve victims and use a variety of deceptive techniques to befriend and exploit them.

Cyberbullying is also rampant on Instagram. According to surveys, at least one in five kids get seriously bullied on IG. This is why

setting up parental controls on an android phone is very important – all the more reason to use Instagram spying software on your children.

Teens who use Instagram are more likely to develop mental health issues. Some studies suggest that kids who spend too much time browsing through social media have a higher likelihood of becoming depressed, probably because they’re intimidated by the flashy lifestyles showcased on those platforms.

The Top 5 Instagram Spy Apps

Here are the five best Instagram spying apps in the market today:


mSpy is a powerful tracking app that comes highly recommended. It’s designed with an Instagram tracker that allows parents to monitor their children’s IG activity, including their sent and received messages.

If you’re wondering who your kids converse with on Instagram, mSpy will certainly come in handy. It reveals the recipient ID and timestamps for each message, giving you a birds-eye view of their online interactions.

mSpy also allows you to view shared photos, videos, links and files. It’s the ultimate Instagram DM spy app that features a built-in GPS tracker to help you track their movements and know where they’ve been throughout the day.


eyeZy is a brilliant spy app that comes with an integrated Instagram tracker. This app can be used to view your target user’s chats, secret messages, shared links and more.

Children love sharing pics on social media. If you’re worried that your kids are sending inappropriate photos and videos on Insta, eyeZy will help you unearth what type of content they’re sharing on the app.

You can review timestamps to know when each message was received and sent. Recipient information is also provided to let you know who your loved ones are chatting with online.


FlexiSPY is an Instagram spy app that allows users to view all messages that are shared on their t arget users’ Instagram accounts. 

You can access this software via a user-friendly dashboard that’s conveniently accessible on PC. Alternatively, users can opt to use the FlexiSPY app.

Protecting your children from people with ulterior motives should be every parent’s priority. Thankfully, this app makes Instagram spying feel like a walk in the park.


Spying on your child’s IG remotely just got easier using Cocospy. This app allows you to check incoming and outgoing messages in your target’s Instagram account from your own device.

Impressively, you don’t need to root the target Android phone in order to install this spy app. You can view timestamps and contact information to discover who your loved ones interact with on Insta.


Spyzie is a good tracking app that helps users to spy on Instagram messages. You can view who they’re chatting with, read their chats and scroll through their shared media files.

This app is convenient and easy to operate. It works in stealth mode to prevent your target user from suspecting that you’re spying on them, making parental monitoring that much easier.


The apps discussed above work like a charm. After trying out each of them, mSpy and eyeZy proved to be the most effective Instagram spy apps in the market. They contain a variety of tracking features that are vital for parental control.