How To Make Money By Starting A Skill-Sharing Business With Ben Zogby

The explosion of digital platforms in the last ten years has transformed many business industries. It has altered the way businesses sell their products and the way consumers buy products. Entrepreneurs must embrace digital business to remain relevant nowadays. It is inevitable for entrepreneurs to get their business online to keep up with the current market trend.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs ask what business is suited for the digital age, and they wonder how they can make it thrive and be profitable. Entrepreneur Ben Zogby, the founder of the 7-Figure Blueprint, shared that online course-based business is the best business type that anyone can start today. “In my opinion, online course business is the easiest and the most profitable business out there,” Zogby noted.

Zogby said that the demand for online learning will continue to rise, catalyzed by people staying at home. He added that creating a course-based business will be one of the best decisions that an entrepreneur can make right now. It has massive potential and will be very profitable throughout the next ten years and beyond.


Getting To Know Ben Zogby  

Zogby discovered stock trading while he was still in college. He saw stock trading as a skill that could potentially be useful in the future. So, Zogby dove into learning more about stock trading. He was particularly interested in how the stock market moves and what makes stocks go up and others go down. He also learned how to make money from stock trading and determine the best places to put his money.

After graduating from college, Zogby took on a 9-to-5 job as he saved some funds to build his business. “Despite having a 9-to-5 job, I continued to do stock trading during my free time. I was honing my skills in trading and testing strategies that suit me,” he said. Once Zogby was consistently making money from trading, he quit his regular job and started his business. “I found HighStrike Trading. It is a business that teaches students how to make money through stock trading,” he explained. Zogby has taught thousands of students how to trade and guide them to become successful traders over the years.

By the age of 24, Zogby is already a millionaire! After his success in stock trading, Zogby established another business that aims to help people capitalize on the emerging and highly profitable online learning industry. 

Founding The 7-Figure Blueprint

“I want to help people make their first million-dollar revenue. It is delightful to see the joy in their eyes when they make their first million-dollar,” as Zogby explained the founding of the 7-Figure Blueprint by teaching entrepreneurs how to make money by sharing their skill in the online world. “I want them to realize that online learning is the next big thing. It is an extremely valuable asset that will provide continuous profit,” he added.

Zogby observed that the online learning industry experienced a tremendous spike last year, and demand continues to increase. “It is predicted that entrepreneurs will generate more than $30 billion from selling online courses in the next ten years,” he remarked. Zogby will teach his students how to build an online course-based business. He will provide them all the tools that they need for their online course-based business. “I will teach them how to get their page started, how to find the customers to sell their course, and how to get reviews. I will guide them in picking the best niche for them,” he added.

In just 18 months, Zogby astoundingly built an online business that is now valued at $2.7 million. The company’s revenue and value continue to grow every month. The company was instrumental in making Zogby a millionaire at a young age. Now, he aims to turn 100 course-sellers into millionaires by sharing their skills with the world.

In A Nutshell

Zogby believed that online course-based business is the easiest way to generate huge profits. “You only need to create one product. Once the product creation is done, the rest of the process becomes easy. You can sell and resell the product repeatedly. If you can sell a course about a topic that people are interested in, you are going to make a lot of money,” he explained. He added that everyone is flocking to online learning, which will continue to be the case in the coming years.


“It is my goal to help you get your idea off the ground and turn it into a business that generates passive income for the rest of your life,” Zogby said. Thus, he is encouraging everyone to enroll in the 7-Figure Blueprint and start a profitable online course-based business. To learn more about this lucrative venture, please follow Ben Zogby on Instagram at @benzogby and @sevenfigureblueprint. You can also visit his company’s website at https://7figure-blueprint.com/ or drop him a message at ben.zogby@gmail.com.