Award-Winning Will Zhang Shares His Best Practices In Adding Value To A Business With Cloud Computing

Adding value is a term used in business, marketing, and enterprise, especially in the online world. Many companies claim that their product or service is better than the competition because they add more value to the end user. It is a general notion that is essential to business. Business gurus defined adding value or value-added as a term that refers to the enhancement provided by a business or enterprise to a product or service before offering it to clients. In other words, it is the plus, or the extra feature added to a product or service to enrich its value.

The main goal of businesses in adding value to their products or services is to attract more clients, which helps increase sales and boost revenue. In most cases, when talking about adding value in the context of the technology industry, it is typically associated with innovation. Undeniably, change is one of the major driving forces that shape the technological landscape. In turn, the array of technological innovations such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and many more are transforming the business, economic, and geopolitical landscape.

Businesses provide more value by providing customized services, adding special features to products or services, or by offering convenience to clients. Many companies are using adding value to improve their market share or to dominate an industry. For example, online shopping companies offer comfort in buying various merchandise, and some of them are even offering next day delivery. Consequently, online shopping has disrupted the retail industry that they are displacing the traditional brick-and-mortar businesses wherein some well-known and familiar street-side companies are conceding to online shopping.


A Rising Leader in Emerging Technology

Further north of Silicon Valley, a bunch of young, talented and creative tech wizards are making waves in the tech world. Fintelics is an emerging technology company based in Ontario, Canada. Its founder is the award-winning and rising tech leader Will Zhang. Zhang is a young tech genius who loves to solve problems.

“Fintelics specializes in developing cutting edge technology solutions on artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, omnichannel, big data solutions, and business process automation,” Zhang explained. He observed that there is a gap between technology and the industry, and he wants to bridge this gap.

In just two years, Fintelics has achieved numerous recognitions in the world of technology. FinTech Awards named Fintelics as the “Leading Expert in Fullstack Omnichannel Software Development” and the “Best Custom FinTech Solutions Consultancy – Ontario” in 2019. The company also became an APN Select Tier Consulting Partner. Zhang’s passion for solving problems was instrumental in achieving all these accolades. As for Zhang, he became a recipient of the prestigious Canadian tech award Developer 30 under 30 and earned his certification from Amazon Web Services as a Solutions Architect Professional.

He attributes these successes that they are enjoying right now to the passion of his team to add value to the work that they are doing. “We are fond of what we are doing. And solving what he cares to do. We don’t settle to find a solution to a problem, but we exert our efforts to provide the best possible solution. And I think that’s what makes us ahead of the pack,” he narrated with full conviction.

Zhang added that they had assembled a collaborative passionate engineering team that is determined to create the best solution on earth. He further said that they also offer the option of intellectual property sharing at a discount; in that way, they are continually enhancing the product, which is beneficial for both the customer and Fintelics. 

“We draw inspiration from different development styles and practices such as agile development, extreme development, and wolfpack development, which allow us to provide the best product and service to our customers,” he continued.

Data Analytics

Zhang noted that his team provides the best data analytics using cloud computing. “We can add value to the business through data analytics on the cloud. We can process a large quantity of data in a reliable and scalable fashion,” he pointed out. He added that they help businesses extract information from massive data and present it in a way that is easier for clients to use the information for making business decisions.

He continued that adopting data analytics and the cloud will make the product development cycle faster and will enable them to respond immediately to changing market conditions. “It relatively cost less for businesses to use data analytics on cloud and easy to maintain compared to having data centers,” he concluded. As a consequence, many companies are migrating to data analytics on the cloud.

Business Process Automation

Zhang remarked that they could automate a lot of processes using predictive and descriptive analytics. Business process automation is one of the strengths of Fintelics. “We make customized software and make it native, so it can get to the production very quickly and serve the business function units in a reliable and scalable fashion,” he said.

He pointed out that they provided better reporting, better insights on how clients can work their businesses from the operation and financial standpoint, or even in the actual product that they are offering. “For instance, in the predictive analytics side, we can forecast what will likely happen to their businesses in the future based on historical data. In that way, they can mitigate a lot of downside risks and potentially maximize their revenue forecast, demand, inventory, etc.,” he emphasized.


In A Nutshell

Adding value is one of the factors that make Fintelics thrive in the highly competitive world of technology. Zhang said that they combine cutting edge technology with the best practices in product development, operation strategy, and data analytics. “Our clients are pleased about the solutions that we develop because they recognize the long-term benefits that they can reap from it,” he added. Harnessing the potentials of emerging technology is challenging, but Zhang and his team will not shy away from it. They know they have the right expertise, and they are ready to take on the challenge and claim their rightful place among the pantheon of tech giants.

For businesses that want to generate a competitive advantage using cloud computing solutions, Fintelics can give you a helping hand. Please check their website at, and follow them on Twitter at @Fintelics1, on Facebook at