Award-Winning Creative Walid Chaya Bridges The Gap For Actors Between Academic Training And Working In Hollywood

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Truly, your dreams are the catalyst for your hard work, struggle and success. 

Walid Chaya is one such dreamer who has been able to excel in various creative capacities like acting, directing, writing, producing, mentoring new actors, and coaching actors with diverse backgrounds. He is the artistic director and founder of Moonlit Wings Productions which was voted “Best Arts Program” twice by Washington Family Magazine and Director of Studio For Performing Arts LA

, a leading school for actors to train with entertainment industry professionals. His previous clients have appeared in commercials, major films, and television shows for networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, HBO, CW, Hulu, Disney, Netflix, and more. 

selective focus of actor with clapboard in front

Walid has performed in numerous TV series like ‘Madam Secretary’, ‘Blacklist: Redemption’ and ‘The Looming Tower’. His film career is also thriving as he has worked in ‘Skin’ by Oscar-Winning director Guy Nattiv, the upcoming comedy ‘Magic Hour’ opposite Miriam Shor, and his award-winning short, ‘Driving Ms. Saudi’ which is currently screening across the world. 

Walid believes that actors have been spending too much time, effort, and money on learning how to strengthen their craft but know little about breaking into the business and using the secrets of the industry to establish a successful career. If you have been on the fence regarding the filmmaking business, then Walid Chaya can surely help you with his top-notch creative consultancy and business strategy. He can help you to prepare like a pro, teach you how to self-promote, provide assistance on booking gigs and share industry connections with you to make your launch easier for you. He offers private online career consultations and teaches many acting and business courses. 

He provides academic training in acting through his masterclasses and speaking engagements. He is a keynote speaker for several schools including performing arts high schools and studios as well as colleges and universities. He also provides College Admissions Consulting for high schoolers interested in performing arts schools. Many of his students have been admitted to some of the most prestigious colleges of America successfully. 

Walid also leads College Showcases and Masterclasses for college students preparing to graduate and find work in the real world. While working as an actor and filmmaker, Walid’s efforts to bridge the gap between academic training and filmmaking depict his sincerity to the promotion of arts in its finest possible manner.

For more information about the exceptionally versatile Walid Chaya, you can visit his website