Ann James, a Consent Advocate for Marginalized Groups, Talks about Why Intimacy Training Is Essential for the Entertainment Industry

Today’s world has become a global village where everyone is connected through technology. This includes people of many ethnicities and cultures coming together to build a whole new global society. With so much inclusion all over, it is crucial to have the same inclusion in the media industry. Intimate scenes and provocative storylines are the norms in the media, and many actors feel like it helps them connect with the story on another level. 

Performing intimate and provocative scenes needs regulation and consent, which Ann James, a consent advocate and an intimacy director, is an expert in. She believes intimacy training is the most critical training needed to keep up with today’s entertainment industry standards. 

It makes you empathetic to other people’s boundaries and concerns.

Proper training in the art of intimacy will help create healthy pathways to co-actor boundaries while performing a steamy scene. You will be able to answer the performer’s concerns, and the performers will feel that they are heard and encouraged to give their consent. This helps performers showcase high-quality acting and perform their best work. 

Educates you on different techniques.

Training at Intimacy Coordinators of Color will equip trainees with proper methods and techniques to be used in any situation where intimacy is needed. You will have ample knowledge about all aspects of intimacy. Intimacy coordinators and trainers can help identify problematic areas and revise them to fit the needs of the performers and get better quality performances out of them. 

It helps you connect with people.

Performers act better when they have a connection with their directors. Similarly, proper training in intimacy coordination can build a good and strong relationship with performers and make them feel better about their work. With counsel and advice from the intimacy coordinators, performers think better and make fewer mistakes, saving time for everyone on the team. 

It is a form of art

Just like dancers have dance choreographers, actors have stuntmen who advise and teach the performers to dance and perform stunts. Similarly, intimacy directors teach and advise performers about safe, intimate choreography they can do with their counterparts to bring out the story and showcase their best work on screen or stage. 

To learn more about Ann’s organization, visit her website, The Intimacy Coordinators of Color.