An Unlikely Journey of Matthew Gallagher from the Streets to the Stars

Successful people often exemplify massive courage. They exhibit confidence in their decisions and are not scared to take risks. They take the right shot at the right time and never lose hope. They never let failures define them, instead, they use failures as stepping stones towards victory. Success is a mindset that can be achieved through hard work and consistent efforts. 

Matthew Gallagher is a story of success and empowerment. His unlikely journey from trailer parks to being the owner of a multi-million dollar company is truly inspirational. Who would have ever thought that the boy who used to sell origami on his school bus just to buy himself ice cream at lunch would be a part of something so huge? Probably only Matthew himself. 

As a young kid, he had a fire burning inside of him, blazing and waiting to erupt and engulf him out of the madness he called home. His parents battled addiction and despite his love for them, he knew he had to build a better life for himself. His uncle, who loved him greatly, was the only sane guiding voice in his life. He instilled in him values like hard work and being innovative. 

He also introduced him to his first-ever computer, which turned out to be the greatest introduction to his life at that time. He self-taught himself programming and before he knew it, he was an expert. He dropped out of university and pursued programming and coding with an ad agency. He had a skill, and he used it at jobs and as a freelancer. He made enough money to forget about his dreadful childhood and settle happily. However, Matthew wanted more. 

He pursued his favorite job and acted in a few Hollywood movies. His cinema career was not pursued long as after his father’s sad demise, he began contemplating his life and choices. What did he want to be remembered as when he died? This one question caused the initial stir that later resonated to create massive changes in his life. He found the answer within him. He wished for a legacy that could be inherited and passed on to future generations. This is when Watch Gang came to be. Using his advertising knowledge he was able to generate massive sales.

His business took off from there; never lost its altitude but kept on soaring higher and higher.