An Exclusive Interview With Italian Painter Chiara Magni

Everyone wants to attain a certain level of success in whatever path they take. The thought of achieving set goals brings so much joy to one’s face. But then, achieving them takes more than visualization; it requires self-belief.

In this article, Chiara Magni talks about 

Hello Chiara, nice to meet you! Introduce yourself.

My name is Chiara Magni and I am a professional painter specialized in the fingerpainting technique.


When did you begin painting? And how this became your profession?

Well, I cannot remember a moment of my life where I was not busy painting or drawing or doing something with colored stuff! This is something that was already there from day one of my life, like if it was meant to be! 

Since I was a little kid I would dream and fantasize and ask myself: “How would it be to be a famous painter?” “What does it mean selling a painting of mine?” “How would it feel to be able to express my views with my art?”…This thing never left me, actually, it has grown day by day and year by year.  In 2014 I decided to stop dreaming and dare to live my dream! 

I decided that this was going to be my job, not only my dream but an actual job with its pros and cons. I remember selling my first pastel drawing, it was a sunset with stylized trees, this was bought by a Canadian lady. Wow, my art was going to Canada! I was so excited and I could not believe it, I didn’t even know how to put it in a proper envelope “for the long flight” and I had the courier waiting at my door while I was fumbling around with wrapping paper and tape.  I was so happy and for sure I was not thinking at all about money, in fact, I got paid 60$ by the collector and paid 40$ for the shipping! But I was so happy, I did not see it as a problem at all, that gave me the hope and strength to go on!



You said pastels, but if I am not wrong you now work with oil, can you explain the turning point?

Yes, you are right, I am now specialized in Oil paint. 

In the past, between my own research and what I studied at school, I’ve learned all of the mediums, acrylics, tempera, watercolor, pencils, pastels, fluid paint, pouring methods, to name a few… I can’t say that I am a pro in all of them but for sure in the majority of them.  This interest in many mediums and my willingness to try everything made me realize that oil paint was my thing and that I should have focused on that! 

Oil paint makes me comfortable, makes me happy.

It is so alive and when I apply it on the canvas with my fingers I enter an entirely different world, made of fantasy and magic, a place where I can express myself fully without thinking about anything else but creating! 


By looking at your paintings I can see a great number of colors, shades and a lot of texture, can you explain this?

Even if I admire someone who can do super hyperrealism, I don’t aim to do that; it is only my personal taste. I personally get way more excited and I feel way more emotions when I look at a juicy, yummy, textured, and fat oil impasto. This is why I like to add a lot of life and texture to my works, texture is a very important factor and together with a wide range of colors, is what I believe makes my art very easy to recognize. 


What is more important to you, the technique or the end result?

For sure the result! The main thing is to create emotions and have something to say, how you do this is of secondary importance.


What is your favorite subject to paint and why?

Landscapes and women, underwater women are very interesting to paint…. Why?….. I don’t know, I mean it is something I feel very comfortable with, not comfortable as they are easy, to be honest, underwater sceneries are quite difficult to perform;  but I feel at ease and I feel that I’m in my element, in my type of environment!

About Landscapes I love the fact that I can really play with perspective and vanishing points; I can make a flat white canvas look like a deep and colorful horizon, with hills, trees, clouds. And this to me is the magic of ART!

About Underwaters,  there is something very special to me about that, personally I love swimming underwater, and I’ve studied this subject a lot by taking underwater photos and videos, before beginning to paint it. Whenever I am underwater or happily floating on the surface something magic happens, everything becomes quiet, the water creates a sort of silence that goes into my head too and my thoughts stop, I get in touch with nature and I feel like a flower resting on a river…so romantic.


How many paintings have you sold? Where are your collectors located?

In the past few years, I’ve sold about 200 paintings.

I am proud and lucky to be able to say “all over the World”! The majority of my collectors are located in the USA. As an Italian artist, I am so honored and blessed to be collected so much in the USA, that really means a lot to me. The United States of America is such an incredible, powerful, and great place, and on top of everything, they really seem to love my ART!


Do you take commissions?

Oh yes, I absolutely take commissions!


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