American artist Hefna380 has wowed the world with his unique style

US-born pop artist Hefna380 is rising tremendously, already putting his foot down as one of the youngest, US-born artists to quickly go global in such a short time. With his lifestyle and image, he reminds his Indian fans of one of their favorite American artists, Kanye West.

With the hit song “I Gotta Go”, Hefna380 is considered a natural-born talent. Hefna is quickly making a huge impact in India. At such a young age, Hefna380 is already breaking many US/World records. His songs are being played everywhere making him one of the youngest American artists to spread rapidly to other countries apart from the US.

In this world, you don’t find many new artists taking over in such little time and Hefna is one of them. At only 19 years old, he’s made his mark and is working with some of the top professionals.

Recent reports have stated that Hefna380 may be teaming up with UK’s own Saqib Malik, the digital marketing professional on business expertise and marketing exponential management.