All You Need to Know about Nathan Sharma, a College Dropout Who Turned His Family Business into a Multimillion-Dollar Corporation

From an early age, Nathan Sharma – the COO of NIWE Academy, did not envision himself as a college graduate tossing his cap in the air to symbolize the end of his college journey. He was set on achieving success, but without having to prove his potential to the classical education system. Hence, soon after joining the University of Calgary, Nathan decided to drop out in search of experiences that would help him find his true purpose.

Nathan started by trying his luck in the hospitality industry before joining his family business as a Director of Marketing. Henceforth, he aspired to turn NIWE Academy into a multimillion-dollar corporation that would go public someday. Nathan knew this was an exigent task and would require him to seek guidance. Thus, with the help of a few mentors, he orchestrated an initial game plan for turning the academy into a burgeoning business.

In 2017, when Nathan joined the NIWE Academy, it only had 3-4 employees, including his parents. However, in the next five years, with Nathan’s dedication and expertise, NIWE Academy started paying dividends. The employee number rose to 30, and a new board of directors was established. Nathan set up weekly meeting cadences and scoreboards that enabled the company to monitor progress and improve efficiency.

Soon, the academy turned into a meritorious multimillion-dollar business that focused on providing the highest quality education and tools in the beauty industry. Now, for over a decade, NIWE Academy has been able to maintain its gold standard approach to education. Its all-in-one diploma programs aim to train individuals to help make them “job ready.” The academy also offers online education to its students, enabling them to learn from the comfort of their homes.

Having suffered the repercussions of the traditional ‘one-size for all’ education system, Nathan knew he had to develop an inclusive learning program that would cater to the needs of all its students. Hence, he helped turn NIWE Academy into a one-of-a-kind personalized learning experience.

At present, Nathan continues to propel the business in a positive direction. He ensures that the academy sticks by its core values of integrity, wellness, and excellence. At the same time, he has been working on developing a learning management system and aims to establish a platform to help people assimilate knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Nathan’s journey to success inspires all those who may be struggling to find the right direction in life. It is a reminder of the fact that life’s uncertainty can be turned into certainty through dedication and resilience.

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