All You Need to Know about a Leading Food Tech Startup, CaterCow and Cofounder & CEO Sean Li

For many people, it takes years to realize what they love doing. And once you realize your true calling, pursuing it and working for it is the only thing that brings you ultimate peace and joy.

After quitting his investment banking job eight years ago, Sean Li tapped his entrepreneurial spirit. An immigrant from China, Sean says that he primarily left the job because of his never-ending interaction with numbers and spreadsheets. He desired human contact and real-life customers. At the same time, he wanted to unleash his true entrepreneurial dreams, something he had never even considered until now.


Sean says, “At Morgan Stanley, I was the analyst in charge of the Kayak (the travel company) and Shutterstock (stock photography) IPOs, and I was the analyst that helped sell Indeed (the job search company) to I wanted to one day be in those founders’ shoes as opposed to my Morgan Stanley managing director’s shoes. In finance, you’re reading just one chapter of the book of the company you’re advising. You’re just riding along for a brief leg of the journey, but I wanted to be the one writing the entire book of a company!”

And that company turned out to be CaterCow, an online catering marketplace that connects offices with local restaurants, bakeries, and caterers. The aim is to provide a smooth experience of finding reliable catering of good taste and quality. CaterCow vets and curates its partners to serve and cook for customers.

Sean moved to the USA in the ’90s, at the age of five. He recalls his parents working in blue-collar jobs. Their unwavering willingness to work and feed the family while pursuing their professional degrees demonstrated the value of hard work to him.

After working in finance after college, Sean helped found CaterCow with his partners to make it easy to order catering. Having worked in a corporate environment, they knew how daunting and challenging it was to order food for a large group. And that too for people with all sorts of tastes, preferences, and allergies!

CaterCow has been breaking the age-old traditions of uninspired sandwich boxes as office lunches for the past nine years. Corporate lunches are no more a drag, thanks to CaterCow. Offering a wide variety of food options and strict quality control on its restaurants, the company started in New York City.  It also provides services in the following areas: San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, and Dallas.


So, if you are working in these areas, feel free to tantalize your taste buds through CaterCow here. The foodie in you won’t regret it!

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