Alexander Komaritsyn Uses His IT expertise to Bring Simplicity and Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

Possessing various expertise in specialized fields, Alexander has always been passionate about taking his acquired skills forward and changing the course of the hospitality-led market. Over the past 13 years, borrowing from his competencies in IT and marketing, he has successfully organized, managed, and hosted events. As a result, Alexander got the opportunity to build extensive connections with the patrons of the venues, which he leverages to augment the growth of his business. 

Alexander’s company “ImageModel,” based out of New York, seeks to provide a seamless digital platform for brands to directly collaborate with talents and models for their exposure, traffic increase, and marketing needs. ImageModel runs on a unique approach of delivering high-quality bespoke event experiences and connecting people, places, and businesses under one digital roof. Alexander is also the proud owner of NiBeat. His successful boutique company has been extending event management production, business development, sales, and marketing strategies to companies in the hospitality and entertainment industries for over 13 years now. With a terrific track record of successful event involvement with leading brands such as TAO group, LDV Group, Provocateur and so on, the company continues to reach new heights. 

Alexander’s vision is centered on promoting a lifestyle brand called “BLOYD” that stands for “Be Lord Of Your Destiny.” Whenever he gets time off work, he is engaged in traveling, self-development, and sports-related activities. Alexander is also currently preoccupied with creating new business goals that he wishes to achieve. More recently, he came across an incredible business opportunity to scale his consumer and business platforms. His company “ImageModel” has identified a gap in the market whereby brands across hospitality, luxury, entertainment, and fortune 500 utilize their services to increase brand awareness, attract more customers, and ultimately drive more revenue to their respective businesses. For Alexander, providing quality customer service has always been his top-most priority, and he implements the same principle across his companies. He further hopes to tap into scalable marketplaces and expand ImageModel’s services across the globe.