A Sound Adventure – A Book by Dr. Jocelyn Tubbs to Teach Children About the Working of Ear

Books have always been a succinct source of all sorts of information. For centuries, they have allowed generations to acquire the knowledge they need and desire. In turn, many of them have contributed by writing their own books, adding more to the plethora of existing knowledge. Dr. Jocelyn Tubbs is one such individual who wants to educate people on how the ears work. With a little help from her book, A Sound Adventure, she wants to help them better understand those who experience some sort of hearing disability.


Dr. Tubbs began to write the book during her residency year. The reason was that she became aware of the lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding the auditory system and its working. She wanted to create a story that everyone could understand, regardless of age.

‘A Sound Adventure’ tells the story of two children, Jason and Ciara, as they magically enter their father’s ear. Following the musical notes of their father playing the trumpet, they get to see the structure and function of the ear that helps sound reach the brain. The book is full of colorful illustrations that appeal to the children while providing a clear view of the diagrams Dr. Tubbs has so cleverly designed. The words are simple and easy to understand despite the technicality of the inner ear’s structure.

The journey from writing it to getting it published, however, was not smooth in any sense. Dr. Tubbs faced several setbacks when it came to publishing the book. For two years, she self-published, packed, and shipped the books from her own house before Amazon decided to make the book available on their platform. Dr. Tubbs claims that moment was the proudest she had ever felt.

In 2023, she was invited to speak to students from kindergarten to fourth grade. She read her book and discussed it with the students while highlighting the importance of ear health and getting regular checkups as well.

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age, regardless of family history, age, gender, and race. Just as children are taught to look after their eyes by not staring too long at the screen or avoiding looking into the sun, Dr. Tubbs believes the same care is required for the human ear. People should be aware of the dangers that can be easily avoided when it comes to our ears.


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