A Goal Oriented CEO; The Secrets Behind Thomas Despin’s Success

Entrepreneurship is often dependent on a combination of struggle and patience. It’s about establishing what your aim is, and the goals you wish to achieve. However, amidst all the hurdles you may encounter, it is not easy to remain steadfast towards your goals. Being goal-oriented is key to a business that is bound to prosper in the future. Many people are ashamed of the mistakes they make and choose to see them as setbacks, when in reality these mistakes are learning points that help provide a positive impact on the road to success.

‘It’s important to work smarter, not harder’ is something that Thomas Despin believes in. This successful CEO of the famous eco-friendly resort, Reconnect, realized that entrepreneurship was his calling when he was just 18. He believes that his success is driven by the thought process he has maintained throughout his ten years in the business world. This thought process holds the secrets behind Thomas Despin’s success. The goals he had envisioned from the beginning were clear to him, and so he strived to try various different things to achieve them. Firstly, he strongly thinks that there is no reason to be afraid to try new things. He tried to establish a copywriting business while still in university and then moved on to an event management business. Although both these businesses were successful and profitable, they were entirely different from each other. This is because he wasn’t afraid to try something new. Similarly, it is necessary to learn how to start over if you’ve taken a wrong turn. 


Secondly, Thomas Despin believed that it’s vital to be passionate about your profession. He has always aimed for what he believed in the most and never settled for less. It was his passion that propelled him towards cycling across 20 countries of the world, covering a total of 12,000km. He aspired to learn from entrepreneurs around the world, and this journey led him to connect with over a hundred entrepreneurs. Additionally, when he began his drop selling business that sold sportswear from China to France, it had raised a remarkable amount of money, approximately $750,000 in 11 months. Despite the high profitability of this business, he felt his determination towards it had lowered and so he stopped the business altogether. He did not let the revenue compromise his passion, and so he believed it was about the quality of his business and not the quantity it was generating. 

Thirdly, it is essential that your ideas are innovative and you are equipped with enough patience to believe in them. Thomas Despin’s latest project, Reconnect, is not only extremely unique but it is also beneficial to the society and environment. The project is located in the Island of Buka Buka, in the province of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. His project has provided a stable livelihood to the communities of remote Indonesia and helped establish their struggling tourism industry. It was his innovation that led him to Buka Buka, and his patience that brought upon its success. Thomas Despin has taken out a great deal of time to construct the island from scratch. From sustainable seawater desalination plants to solar-powered electricity generators, it has been a rewarding struggle. He has made efforts to bond with the locals and understand their culture. He provided them with the respect they deserved, and proposed promising investment opportunities. 


Consequently, maintenance of clarity towards your goals and developing a stable thought process can help start up a business. Each step should be taken whilst being mindful of the consequences and your consequences should help you take a better decision next time. Your inspiration can solely be the fuel towards successful entrepreneurship.