A Connection With Stars Turned Into a Profession: The Success Story of Profound Astrologer Jessie Eccles

The universe is a strange place. It is fascinating how we are part of something with unimaginably infinite possibilities. One of the possibilities is the universe’s hidden message in stars and signs in the universe. Jessie Eccles is a Profound Astrologer and Human Design Reader who found a connection with stars that defined her life’s purpose and successful career path.

Jessie’s experience with stars and the universe is unlike other people’s. She always felt that the universe had a voice to convey. Jessie would spend nights looking up at the stars in fascination and wonder. According to her, she felt her soul was intertwined with the universe. Jessie says, “I had this feeling that I came back this lifetime to redo some things and learn how to live life on my own terms.”

Thus, she began exploring the universe by traveling with her parents, experiencing new cultures, and interacting with people from different backgrounds, which opened her to a new world.

Jessie’s spiritual connection with the universe emerged during an international trip to Ghana. She experienced life and resources differently from her home country. Jessie grew up in a privileged and middle-class household. Unlike many parents, her mom and dad invested their money in family trips abroad. The more she traveled, the more Jessie felt that her soul was trying to give her a message.

Jessie studied Education to become a teacher and pursue what her soul felt. Choosing Education opened her eyes to understanding people’s psyches, upbringing experiences, and how it affected mindsets. After completing her formal higher education, she continued her adventures in various parts of the world. Jessie wanted to do something for the people but also wanted to continue to grow and learn herself. She moved to Ethiopia to teach middle school humanities for some time.

Living in Ethiopia cut her off from the outside world of the internet, technology, and superficial material items. Jessie’s spiritual connection within herself increased while exploring new religions and philosophies, hiking in the mountains, and living and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds within the country. Being disconnected from her normal life, and exposed to so many new ways of living, brought her further inward and closer to her spirituality.

Jessie knew she came to this universe to help others thrive in life. Through exploring new cultures and interacting with people from unique backgrounds, she also knew that thriving would look different to everyone.

After returning from Ethiopia, she served in International Education, managing university relations and student relations. By the age of 30 she had traveled to every continent, and gained wisdom about different ancient systems, including astrology, which later became a permanent career for her. Jessie knew her role as a human being was to heal others and connect them back to their greatest gifts, using the stars as a guide.


Jessie gradually launched her astrology website and earned a certified license from two top-tier astrologers. Now, she helps individuals heal from limiting beliefs and discover their life’s purpose through intuitive astrology.