A Closer Look at Ukraine Friends: Bringing Aid in an Urgent Time of Need

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on the country’s people and infrastructure. With Russian aggression showing no signs of ceasing, humanitarian aid remains of the utmost importance. Fortunately, the past few months have seen many organizations and initiatives rise to the challenge of helping Ukraine endure and rebuild. Moving forward, such entities will be paramount in shaping Ukraine’s future for the better. 

Enter Ukraine Friends, a US-based nonprofit organization providing critical aid to the Ukrainian people. The organization, which was founded in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, is spearheaded by successful entrepreneurs with personal roots in Ukraine; it strives to end the suffering of Ukrainian citizens, whose freedom and humanity remain in jeopardy as a result of military siege. 

Since becoming involved in the conflict, Ukraine Friends has extended its reach to a variety of crucial initiatives, from evacuation and housing efforts to the reconstruction of areas decimated by the Russian military — all of which are designed to help Ukraine regain its stability. 

Humanitarian Aid

In the wake of the Russian invasion, humanitarian aid became a highly urgent factor for Ukraine, with many citizens displaced and perpetually at risk amidst ongoing military activity. What’s more, the country’s military response quickly became overwhelmed as it balanced defensive protocol with a growing list of evolving needs. 


Ukraine Friends helps alleviate this distress by delivering critical aid to Ukrainian citizens and military personnel. So far, the organization’s efforts have resulted in the evacuation of over 30,000 people since the war began, as well as the delivery of over 30,000 individual first aid kids (IFAKs), items that have become essential to saving lives. IFAKs consist of 18 first aid components, which can help save an estimated 90 percent of would-be field casualties occurring on the front lines. Specifically, the kits provide resources to combat two of the most common causes of battlefield-related death: inadequate air supply and severe hemorrhaging.

In addition to IFAKs, other items provided by Ukraine Friends have included 50,000 wound kits, 1,200 train kits, 60 mobile surgery kits, and 23 ambulances via The Volunteer Ambulance Corps. The latter, in particular, has been instrumental in delivering aid to field staff and medical personnel in need of immediate care. 

Additionally, Ukraine Friends has taken steps to help Ukrainian children impacted by the war; these include the delivery of over 10,000 children’s travel and hygiene kits (comprised of items like dental kits, juice, candy, stickers, notepads, and crayons), the collection and distribution of toys via drives, and the establishment of Playgrounds for Peace – a program providing playgrounds for children housed in refugee centers. 

Such initiatives aim to help Ukraine’s youngest generation – one of its most vulnerable demographics – endure and process the unfathomable traumas of war, positioning them for a brighter tomorrow. 

Refugee Support

The aforementioned humanitarian crisis has created a need for rapid, multifaceted refugee support for millions of displaced Ukrainian citizens. Ukraine Friends works to give aid and support to Ukrainian refugees — namely, by offering safety and transportation resources for civilians caught up in military violence. 

Through collaborative efforts with on-the-ground partners, the organization has helped over 10,000 refugees find housing during the war; it provides daily buses evacuating women, children, and sick Ukrainian citizens to safe territories like Poland and other surrounding nations. Ukraine Friends has partnered with Airbnb to establish the Ukraine Friends Temporary Housing program, which offers vouchers for temporary safe housing to Ukrainian citizens, giving them a space to regroup and begin rebuilding their lives. 

Reconstruction and Recovery

Humanitarian aid and refugee support remain urgent for Ukraine, but Ukraine Friends has also made sure to keep its focus on both present and future needs. For the latter, the organization has invested in efforts to help Ukraine rebuild and recover from Russian atrocities. 

Ukraine Friends promotes Ukrainian resilience and self-reliance, helping the country reconstruct its corporate, agricultural, educational, and residential infrastructure. In tandem with efforts overseen by its team of builders and designers, the organization implements fast, cheap, and sustainable alternatives to traditional construction via advanced 3D printing methods. 

These plans strive to offer more houses, schools, medical facilities, markets, libraries, and other institutions vital to Ukraine’s way of life – all within affordable, feasible means. Additionally, reconstruction efforts stand to lessen the strain put on countries gratefully accepting Ukrainian refugees – such as Moldova, which has taken in more refugees than its small size can effectively manage. Recovery, in this sense, entails providing a safe, stable living environment to which refugees can comfortably return and reestablish normalcy. 


Ukraine Friends remains committed to helping Ukraine through this unprecedented challenge, aiding the country’s efforts to uphold its sovereignty and collective well-being. As Russian aggression continues indefinitely, the organization’s dedication to its initiative will remain steadfast. 

About the Author: Roman Vintfeld is an experienced business executive from New York, New York. He is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of WeShield, an organization founded by entrepreneurs to provide aid during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is also the president of AI Assist, the exclusive channel partner for Conversica’s AI-related resources in the finance industry. As a philanthropist, Roman serves as co-founder of Worldwide Friends, a U.S.-based 5013c emergency response organization, with his primary focus on its Ukraine Friends mission, which offers aid and equipment delivery, evacuation services, and ambulance support for the Ukrainian people in response to Russian aggression. For more information on Roman Vintfeld, visit his website

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