5 Tips on How to Build Confidence Professionally by MSL Talk Host, Tom Caravela

Confidence is key to success for professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Building confidence is not always easy nor does it come naturally for most people. Tom Caravela is the host of a famous podcast called ‘MSL Talk’ and is helping to build confidence in job seekers and professionals facing challenging markets. Through his discussions and content, Tom has raised the morale of many Medical Science Liaisons and pharmaceutical professionals with his tips and advice.

Tom is an inspiring entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience as a professional. He is the Managing Partner of an executive search firm known as The Carolan Group as well as a Certified Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach. His firm is dedicated to the recruitment and placement of Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Affairs professionals. As a career search expert and podcaster, Tom shares content for job seekers to help develop their skills, build a successful career and establish self-confidence. On his podcast, the topics and conversations he has with leading medical affairs professionals offer both helpful and inspiring advice to a base of over 150,000 listeners in 50-plus countries.


Tom believes that confidence can provide a foundation for personal and professional growth and achievement. Here are some tips shared by Tom to build confidence professionally.


  1. Personal Development

Personal development is an essential aspect of building a fulfilling and successful career. Achievers and top performers are not only notoriously hard workers, they are also known to be lifelong learners with daily personal development habits and behaviors. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the many mediums that can help establish a consistent effort of self-improvement. Podcasts, books (both audio and written) blogs, videos, apps, and webinars are just a few examples of how many resources exist for those looking to improve and develop. The old expression, “knowledge equals power” should end in…” and also develops confidence”.

Tom advises his followers to be lifelong learners and spend time each day and week on personal development. When you become more knowledgeable and an expert in a field or skill, you will automatically gain confidence.

  1. Manage your thoughts

Confidence starts in your mind. If you can control your self-talk and what you are thinking about yourself each day, you can develop and build confidence. What is the script or recording that is being replayed in your own mind? How do you see yourself and is your vision in line with your goals?

Tom says in episode #86 of his podcast on intention and goal setting, “you are not going to rise any higher than how you see yourself. Start to see yourself where you want to be and I bet you will get there and accomplish your goals”.

  1. Follow your passion

Confidence is highly influenced by passion. If a person is passionate about their career and professional growth, it will ignite a level of energy and enthusiasm that will establish more confidence. Life is too short to follow a path that does not drive your motivation or excite you to find forward progress.

Tom advises people to follow their passion and seek out the type of career that will lead to professional fulfillment. Following your passion will lead to motivation which will ultimately help build confidence, direction, and satisfaction.

  1. Preparation is KEY

Lack of preparation goes hand in hand with a lack of confidence. The more you prepare, the more confidence you will have. If you wait until 30 minutes before your job interview to research the company and practice your answers, you will not be as confident as if you took several days to do your homework and be fully ready. The same applies to students preparing for a test or athletes preparing for a competition. Practice and preparation have a direct correlation to one’s confidence.

Tom believes that practice and preparation have a direct correlation to one’s confidence. To build confidence professionally, schedule the right amount of time to prepare. In a recent podcast, Tom discussed preparation by sharing the famous Abraham Lincoln quote, “If I had 1 hour to chop down a tree, I would spend 45 minutes sharpening my ax”.

  1. Do NOT rely on others

While it is possible and even common for others to instill confidence in someone, it is important not to rely on it. Confidence is not something that is given to us, it must come from within. By the same token, no one can take your confidence away. Supervisors, coaches, teachers and parents can help build confidence.


Tom advises professionals and job seekers to appreciate any and all help from others. However, he encourages people to “take control” of their own confidence and not rely on other people for it.


Tom is optimistic that through the podcast, MSLs and Medical Affairs professionals can gain valuable insights and learn from some of the smartest minds in the industry. New episodes of the MSL Talk podcasts are released each week on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. Followers can also find episodes regularly on his YouTube channel by searching “MSL Talk”. Tom uses his extensive industry experience and achievements to educate and lead job seekers through proven search strategies. He wants to empower and guide MSLs around the world towards a path to confidence and success in the pharmaceutical industry.