5 Spin Slot Method: Does It Really Work?

0Gamblers always search for winning strategies to win more cash in their favourite casinos. Some players even state that they’ve invented 100% working mechanisms that allow them to defeat gaming clubs. But there’s no evidence of their efficiency. Online casino slots are unpredictable, which is their main attractiveness and magic.

5 Spin Method is a popular solution among casino fans. This system helps to identify a profitable game and try more products without investing a fortune. So, let’s figure out what this strategy implies and assess its effectiveness.

What Is the 5 Spin Slot Method

This strategy was created by a YouTube video streamer, Professor Slots. The passionate gambler is absolutely confident he has revolutionised the industry. Many are sceptical about it and would say that no one invented a method providing guaranteed victory. But the method makes sense for those who want to manage their hard won bankroll properly. Its main aim is to help players try as many slot machines as possible. And get maximum winnings.

How Does the Strategy Work?

The basis of the theory implies that players don’t have to stop at one slot machine, no matter how profitable it is. So, members should try spinning the reel up to five times in different games. If the operator offers a

casino bonus with no deposit, great, use it too! Here’s a description of how to act:

  • Determine your bankroll.
  • Find pokies with minimum bets per spin.
  • Decide the number of slot machines you will try.
  • Spin the reel five times.
  • Switch to another game regardless of wins or losses in the previous one.

It’s essential to evaluate the progress after trying each slot machine. This way you can check how profitable the product is. Many players believe one game doesn’t allow winning twice, so leaving after a successful outcome is better. This theory is not confirmed since casinos are random. Users never know the results in advance.

When you’ve spent around 50% of the planned expenses, check the profitability of the slots you’ve tried. How much was it? Such statistics can help in planning future gaming sessions with the 5 Spin Method.

Whether this strategy increases profitability when playing online casinos is hard to say. Undoubtedly, it gives a perfect chance to try more gaming solutions with minimum expenses. On the other hand, many players enjoy the same slot machines every time they visit gambling platforms. And such strategies can also bring cash prizes. So, it’s up to you to decide whether the 5 Spin Slot method is worth a try.

This is not the only strategy passionate gamblers invented. Would you like to learn more tips? Check out more alternatives below!

Bank the Bonus: Another Tip From Professor Slots

Like the 5 Spin Method, this strategy also implies trying different slot machines. Determine the sum you will deposit and decide how much you want to spend on every game. Suppose it’s $10 per slot. Then follow this guide:

  • сhoose the slot machine.
  • place your bet (it shouldn’t be minimal, decide for yourself).
  • spin the reel until you get any winnings or bonuses.
  • stop when you got benefits or spent the entire bank ($10).

After that, select another game and repeat. Bank the bonus method is a great way to try more slot machines. Moreover, you can learn the possible bonuses and profitability of each gaming solution. It is not a strategy that will bring insane cash prizes. But it’s worth a try!

Time for One More Déjà Vu Strategy with High Bets

This method is totally different from the 5 Spin Method and Bank the Bonus. While they imply playing different slot machines, Déjà vu is about trying the same game again and again. Its developer states that the game provides higher odds if a player repeatedly spins the reel. Higher odds should be made when you use this strategy. Place the maximum bets allowed by the slot, and it will eventually reward you. This method’s founder is confident that it allows winning jackpots more frequently.

As well as other strategies, Déjà Vu doesn’t guarantee a successful result. Even if it works for some high limit slots, most players will get bored playing the same game for a long. Gamblers usually like trying different pokies, so the 5 Spin Slot method seems more suitable. 

General Tricks to Make Slot Machines Beneficial

The methods mentioned above make sense, and you can try them. But there are still simpler and more common rules for increasing winning opportunities. Grab the full list below:

  • check the slot’s RTP and volatility.
  • find games with in-built bonuses.
  • don’t pass by the casino promotions.
  • select jackpot pokies.
  • start with smaller bets.
  • rely on lower volatility slots.
  • try the latest releases that often go with extra benefits.

Many players state that online casinos are more profitable for new members. Operators provide them with more frequent wins to attract them to the platform. We didn’t find any confirmation for this theory. But becoming a member of several online casinos makes sense as it’s a chance to receive more bonuses.

All these tips also don’t guarantee a successful outcome. Try the 5 Spin method and other strategies and check whether any of them suits you. Always remember that gambling is risky, and losses are inevitable. These tools are just loyal assistants in minimising expenses and boosting winning chances. And the rest depends on Lady Luck!