4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with surprises along the way. The calling to run a business is a whisper that not everyone hears. After years of working for a big company where you are simply a cog in the system, you suddenly awaken one day to find that you long for a very different life. You begin wondering what an entrepreneur does day to day. You begin dreaming of being your own boss, of shaping and pursuing your own destiny. There is a deep pull within, and you feel the fire in your belly as the entrepreneurial calling beckons to you. Your journey on your new path will be successful if you focus on some key characteristics for success. Let’s explore some of these in more detail.


Passion for Your Calling

One of the most important things you need when you think about how to launch a new venture is true passion for your calling. Your customers and prospects will sense your excitement and respond to your positive energy. It’s especially helpful if you can share prior success stories, or express the reasons why your entrepreneurial dream calls to you. All of this serves as a rallying point that potential buyers will be inspired by and will eagerly pursue.

Absolute Belief in Your Abilities

It may seem like a curious juxtaposition, but as a new entrepreneur, you need to have an absolute belief in your abilities. Yes, you may be new to owning your business but you want to be sure that you are offering skills, products or services that are going to really help those who work with you. When your potential customer asks if you can do the job, you want to be able to look them directly in the eyes and tell them absolutely yes.

Showcase the Benefits

When you are attracting potential customers, they want to know what your value proposition is. If you specialize in fleet management systems, you’ll want to talk about how they help optimize and streamline your client’s business. These operational systems are very effective when used to manage refrigerated assets, and can provide refrigerated trailer temperature moni toring

on a real time basis. This can reduce spoilage and provide the cost-effective control and compliance that is needed in these industries. Likewise, if your product helps customers save time, demonstrate to your target market how your product works and how effective it is in saving time.

The Perfect Elevator Speech

One of the best things a new entrepreneur can do is to come up with and polish their elevator speech. This is basically a tight, finely-tuned pitch that serves as an in-person commercial for your new venture. When anyone asks what you do, you share your elevator pitch with them. The goal is to get them excited about your business and let them know the key benefits you bring, all in the space of a minute or so. You’ll be surprised at how many customers you can attract by perfecting this short speech so make it memorable and stick to the script.