3 Tips for Succeeding in Your Business By Brandon Beavis

With over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1000+ students across the country, Brandon Beavis has successfully built his corporation, Brandon Beavis Investing, better known as The Investing Academy. Even though he is fairly young, he has an in-depth level of financial understanding that has helped him provide stock market education in Canada. His work centers around creating financial literacy in the country by showing the importance of investing for the long term. As a result, Brandon focuses his program on dividends, passive income, and proper portfolio management instead of the short-term approaches like day trading or forex. 

Here are 3 tips from Brandon Beavis on how to succeed in your business:  

1. Never stop learning 

There is no end to learning new things. Despite years of education and work experience, you can always learn unique things in this evolving world. Thus, Brandon believes that one should never put a stop to learning new things. Even after passing all of his exams including, CSC, CPH, WME, and a 90-Day Investment Advisor Training he still spent time working towards learning ways to expand his business. Every single day Brandon would spend time absorbing as much information as he possibly could. He would read every entrepreneurial book out there, and listen to different business podcasts multiple times a day. As a result, he progressed slowly and steadily but eventually ended up building a strong foundation for his business. 

2. Commitment is the key 

No business is successful if you work one day and stop on the next. Everything takes time and consistent effort. There was a time when Brandon made zero dollars with his videos. Yet he kept posting videos to build up a strong following and as a result, his channel started picking up steam, his work slowly started to grow. Eventually, Brandon started making his first $100 per month in 2018, and later moved on to make $1,000 per month, and then $10,000 per month. Earlier this year, his company generated $150,000 per month in revenue and they are now on pace to make their first ever $1,000,000+ year in 2021. However, if Brandon had given up when he first got zero revenue, he wouldn’t have succeeded to this point. 

3. Failure shouldn’t stop you from moving forward

Lastly, failure never means that one is good for nothing. In fact, failure is just a small part of one’s career path that eventually leads to them achieving their goals. Brandon too failed multiple business ventures before he finally succeeded on YouTube with The Investing Academy. In high school, he started a small venture of doing food deliveries, but his idea was shut down by his principal. Later in life, he tried to do dropshipping, website design, and tried launching certain products within the academy, but that didn’t resonate well with his audience. As a result, his failures were just learning experiences for him which brought him to where Brandon stands today.