3 Things You Can Learn from the Rising Presenter and Producer Ayah Ramadan’s Success

Ayah Ramadan is a talented and successful TV presenter known for producing and presenting her talk show “Good News” on Al Aan Tv. 

As a Syrian, Ayah’s success inspires her followers in numerous ways. While talking about her journey in presenting and production, she shared some valuable things for her followers and those who want to pursue a career in the same field.

Ayah believes that if you’re up to the task and can perform in a variety of roles; If you’re willing to put up with a never-ending barrage of demands and queries, you have an excellent foundation for being a producer.

If you are obsessive-compulsive and enjoy being “stressed” yet having a great time, then blend these characteristics with creativity and flexibility, receptivity to new knowledge and thoughts, respect for all types of people, and a business style that is both ethical and successful. If you possess all of these qualities, you may find yourself looking forward to working as a producer one day. 

And how does one go about becoming one? Let’s have a look at the insight Ayah shared with us.

1. Educate Yourself

Producers are persons with the imagination to launch a media endeavor. Because it combines art, new technology, and particular rigid and professional practice, education in this field is a must.

Being a media graduate, Ayah believes that applying knowledge in the production industry is a technique that will allow young people to develop innovative and appealing material. That is why, from the start of their schooling, producers must have access to practice utilizing the most up-to-date equipment and applications.

2. Think Global, Not Local

The experience of working in Dubai ensured Ayah that larger cities with their own state or commercial television stations offer more job options for TV producers. She expects the upcoming talent to keep in mind that their work reaches a large number of people, whether through cable or satellite.

Thanks to satellite TV and the internet, the show they make may be watched worldwide, not just locally. In this manner, they may expand their creative reach outside their home country’s boundaries.

3. Combine Art And Management

Ayah explains that one of the attributes of a competent TV producer is resourcefulness in any scenario. As a presenter, she encourages the fusion of artists and managers, ready for change and complexities, effective in finding answers to any situation, and constantly devoted to art and creation.

The producer starts the planning and development process himself, and he continues in charge after creating a TV team. The producer picks and employs the director and other essential team members after ordering and approving the screenplay. He inspires and compensates the rest of the squad. So a blend of creativity and management is vital if you want to have a successful career as a producer.