3 Reasons How Zohar Levkovitz Positions Himself to Win Awards Consistently

Zohar Levkovitz has won many awards. Various industries have recognized his efforts due to his enormous success and achievements. He is now mentioned in the same level as other successful entrepreneurs, including the founder of Linkedin. He is not the type of person who likes to brag about his accomplishments. However, he lets his actions do the talking. 

Zohar is the current CEO of L1ght, the startup that saves children from online toxicity. Besides, this champion has been at the forefront of mobile and internet development technology for 15 years. But what makes this global icon win numerous awards? Here is what you need to know.

Committed to Success

When Zohar Levkovitz is committed to achieving something, you can bet your house that he will do whatever it takes to do it. If he can’t do it by himself, he will be the first person to admit that he is unable. He won’t feel ashamed to enlist the help of others as long as it will help him accomplish the goal. He knows the reward is worth it for those people who work hard. 


Zohar understands that success does not happen overnight. Several things ought to be done for that to happen. His entire focus is on things that bring success. For example, let’s say you have an advertising campaign going on, and several things are happening at the shoot, Zohar will go and ensure everything is functioning as planned.

Establishes Strong Relationships

Zohar Levkovits builds good relationships with renowned brands. He knows good partnerships are essential for those who want to have a good future ahead of them. Besides, in any industry, you would want to have many allies. You are going to deal with distributors, advertisers, and a lot of other people from different walks of life. 

Therefore, you must never be mean to any of them, or they may come back and seek revenge. For example, you have a casino business, and you establish a business with the chip supplier. You know some chips will end up getting lost one way or the other due to the many people that go in and out of the casino. 

Good Leadership Skills 

Zohar’s ability to lead a team has been shown on many occasions. His leadership skills are indeed unmatched and uncomparable. He does whatever it takes to encourage each member to reach the individual and the company’s goal. He also establishes fantastic relationships with each one as he knows how important it is for the leader to talk with each member personally. Some members may not feel too close to the leader if there is no way he can communicate with him. 

The good news is that Zohar always makes an effort to make time for each employee. Everyone knows how busy he is with various projects, but he still makes time in his busy schedule. He would always tell his secretary to make time for individual meetings.

Zohar won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for a reason. He did it because he is always passionate about what he does. He deserved the award, and everyone knows about it. He brought significant changes to the mobile advertising industry as we know it. He is a pioneer who would always love to bring a difference in an industry. He always wanted to make a significant impact with his philosophies. His awards show that he means business, and he has a bright future ahead. He still looks to the future, and he even grooms his successors. He keeps an eye out for those employees who deserve a promotion. He is grooming his successor so that when the time is ripe to let go of one of his brands, there would be a smooth transition.