3 Mesmerizing DIY Projects by Nicole Francis That Will Wow You

The home is where we find solace, create and cherish memories with those we love, bond over shared experiences, and feel most at ease. It’s no wonder, so many of us strive to make our dwellings aesthetically pleasing, with just the right elements in place to help us relax or have fun. But when you know that you are skilled enough to design every nook and cranny of your home, the sense of satisfaction is raised to another level. This is why Nicole Francis’s name deserves to be mentioned and remembered! 

Nicole and Michael’s names don’t need any introduction in the domain of home styling and art. They are the proud owners of

1776 Faux Farmhouse, focusing on DIY home renovations and revamping their builder-grade home into something spectacular. Nicole’s design and ideas for her place have gained immense popularity amongst home enthusiasts willing to upgrade their homes themselves. 

Nicole’s ideas will surely capture your attention, as everything she does screams perfection, from updating the furniture to creating accent walls with paint and perfect lighting fixtures. 

Although Michael and Nicole’s dream home is a paradigm of their creativity and perfection, the following three projects by the creative duo will surely blow your mind. 

The Roman Clay Fireplace:

The look of this stunning built-in linear Roman clay fireplace is something to marvel at. It was built with wooden frames, drywall, and Roman clay to be different from a typical white shiplap fireplace. The use of Roman clay gives a luxurious feel to the entire design, and its dark contrast against the lighter walls adds to the overall elegance. A contribution to the custom stock sideboard, which was one of Nicole’s favorite projects, had a big impact on the flanking built-in bookshelves design as well.

The Butler’s Pantry:

The Butler’s Pantry is an absolute showstopper. Nicole made it with the idea that it would make the kitchen area more organized and useful. She incorporated floating wooden shelves, aesthetic backsplash tiles, and cabinets for the pantry. She spiced it up by installing a beverage chiller and finished it with some incredible food organizers. 

In-house Office:

It was the very first project done by Nicole and Michael, and indeed the most massive one. The look of this exquisite in-house office would make you want to continue working even on weekends. It was designed to be a fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing space. Nicole set up DIY built-in bookcases all over the room and added a DIY built-in bench, wall art, and a floating concrete desk to finish off the space. The most amazing part? A sliding farmhouse door for privacy during meetings. 


All these DIY projects by this dynamic duo are bound to wow you and give you major home decor goals. Want to learn how they do it? Visit their website,, and be inspired.