3 Financial Security Steps To Take Before A Business Trip

How you feel about business trips usually depends on how many you have taken. The first time I had to travel internationally for business, I was extremely excited. That excitement continued throughout the first handful of trips. But as I became more and more seasoned in business travel, it became something of a burden. International travel is stressful. My journey did not end there, though. I went on many frustrating business trips before I managed to get all my ducks in a row. By the time I became a business trip expert, they had become exciting again.

One of the biggest stresses when going on a business trip is financial security. You’re taking expensive luggage across the world while leaving most of your assets behind. To prepare for a business trip so that you can travel without financial stress, take these 3 steps.

1. Get the right insurance

Insurance is understandably a stressful subject when it comes to travel. However, the reality is that it is fairly simple. In fact, your regular renters insurance covers your possessions when traveling. The same applies to homeowners insurance. To include some extra expensive items, like specialized cameras, jewelry, or equipment, you can add to your current insurance policy.

No one wants to lose their stuff when traveling. It is a frustrating experience even if you can claim what you’ve lost from insurance. However, knowing that you won’t suffer financially is a huge relief. Furthermore, since your insurer has not changed, you know exactly who you will have to deal with and can get advice from them when necessary.

2. Find a house sitter

There is plenty of debate about whether a house sitter is a good idea. Many people do not want a stranger living in their home while they are away. The house sitter may be extremely careful, but they are still new to your security system and may make mistakes you would never make. Savvy thieves could even target them specifically.

However, if you find someone you feel confident about, a house sitter provides peace of mind that is otherwise impossible to find. They can always give you updates on how things are going back home. They will be there in case of any urgent matters like fires, leaks, or extreme weather events.

For many people, the ideal house sitter is a family member or friend who they know to be responsible. This is someone you know will not mess you around or steal from you. You don’t have to get a house sitter you know, however. There are some excellent individuals who do it professionally and who have tons of testimonials from happy clients. If you find the perfect house sitter, you can leave your home with them every time you go away, saving you the stress of having to explain everything over and over again.

3. Ask for a business credit card

If you’re working for a company rather than yourself, you will be relying on them to pay for everything. They will pay for flights and accommodation long before you leave for the airport. However, while you are away, they may give you a stipend or simply ask you to pay and invoice them later. This can cause significant financial stress.

The per diem they give you might seem like a big enough sum, but what if there are urgent matters that require major payments? These might come about due to mistakes your company has made or simply from something that happens to you while you are away.

Instead of having to make sure you constantly have enough money in your account to cover all eventualities, ask if you can take a business credit card along. You will commit to not spending more than is assigned to you every day – unless something urgent comes up. Then, if worst comes to worst, you don’t have to worry about it burning a hole in your pocket.

A company that trusts you enough to travel internationally for them should trust you enough to use a business credit card with discretion. Make the effort to ask, at least. The worst that can happen is that they say no.

Traveling internationally for business does not need to be stressful. As long as you take measures to cover yourself financially, you can travel across the world without compromising your peace of mind.