10 Websites Every Christian Should Visit in 2022

To achieve a deeper understanding of the word of God, Christians worship together to strengthen Christian teachings and the life of Jesus Christ. Christianity is a community of people that is constantly

The web is a global village that houses millions of websites that deliver content that helps Christians strengthen their faith. Here is a comprehensive list of websites every Christians should visit, regardless of if they are new to the religion.


Bible Gateway site is an online religious website that has several Bible translations. It is available in a variety of languages, including German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Philippine, and Swahili. Aside from Bible translations, you can also navigate the Bible with topics through the site.

Christian Mingle

Yes. Christian Mingle, as the name implies, is a dating site where Christians may meet and communicate with one another. There is always something for everyone, whether Catholics, Anglicans, evangelicals, Black Africans, or Europeans. The site’s unique feature is that it creates a gender split speciality, making it even more accessible to users. If you are unable to access this website due to limitations, we recommend using a secure VPN server

such as VeePN.  What is VPN server? It is a tool you can use to connect to any service and access prohibited websites while remaining safe on the Internet.


This website’s content will be extremely useful and informative to seminary students. Visitors of Monergism site can easily access Christian books and articles, MP3s on virtually all topics. Even though the majority of its content is reformed from nature, it covers a wide range of topics.


DesiringGod is yet another house on the web that harbors evangel information and it also has a platform that answers questions on theology with the use of practical applications. It offers daily devotionals which makes it my favorite.


iBelieve is a Christian women’s website with a lot of interesting and helpful articles. It provides a lot for sisters, wives, and mothers in particular, with articles on various aspects of life. Articles on relationships, faith, motherhood, beauty and health, career and calling, and even food and home are among the topics covered. Scroll through VeePN’s list of servers to find the one for you. Isn’t it great to have a one-stop website where you can find articles on anything you’re looking for?

Focus on the Family

If you predicted that this website is about focusing on the family, you are correct. Focus on the Family is a non-profit organization that uses donations to serve Christian families while also encouraging them via the gospel.

Start Marriage Right

Start Marriage Right contains a wealth of information on a range of themes, including sex, communication, marriage, and finances. With so much to offer, it’s easy to get drawn into this website. The name of this website could lead you to believe that everything on it is about marriage, but that’s just a drop in the ocean. There’s a section for Q&A, book reviews, and suggestions.


If you’ve been hearing of a virtual radio station, it is not just an assumption as radio channels are anchored on Crosswalk site as well as communicating Gospel information. Crosswalk is a Christian news source for you if you need enhanced online tools for your Bible study.

Turn Back to God

Turn Back to God is yet another magnificent site for believers that offers prayers, songs, stories, poems, and even more. The song playlist isn’t just for the old school class because it includes songs from recent artists like Diana Ross among others.

Teacher Help

This website has features that will suit an average web surfer looking for knowledgeable information

about the Christian faith. Early learners, school teachers, home school teachers, and those who work in the children’s ministry may also find it interesting.


The finest Christian websites are those that inspire, teach, and promote the gospel in a way that keeps visitors interested and encourages them to return. To spread the message of God, many means such as poems, puzzles, movie reviews, and quizzes are used. You can simply access any website you want by using free VPN servers. Both newcomers to the Christian religion and those who have been practicing it for a long time are convinced of the truth of God’s message.

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