10 Things Most People Don’t Know About OOH Advertising

“OOH” advertising, or “Out of Home” advertising, is mainly used for outdoor media. You can use OOH advertising to build up your company’s image, increase brand awareness, and optimise the visibility of your ads, amongst many more benefits. Other than the most common advantages to OOH advertising, here are 10 facts you may not know about OOH advertising that you can use to your advantage.

1. OOH advertising can be digital

Don’t just think of OOH adverts as stationary posters, flyers and billboards. Nowadays, OOH adverts can be digital. For instance, you can use videos on billboards to show off your products. You can even make your billboards virtual to draw in more attention.

2. Mobile technology

OOH advertising can actually be combined with mobile technology to make the advert more interactive. By adding a barcode, you can allow customers to scan it with their phones and learn more about your product.

3. 46% of consumers follow-up after seeing an OOH advert

Many consumers will turn to Google, Bing or Yahoo after they see an OOH advert. This is because they are curious about the product.

4. OOH adverts are used for more than brand marketing

The majority of people think that OOH adverts are used for brand marketing. However, they can actually be used for other types of advertisements as well! If you want to show something off, you can use an OOH advertisement to do it.

5. OOH adverts aren’t just billboards

When you see a billboard, you are naturally drawn to it. However, OOH adverts can be more than just a billboard you see on the side of the road. Instead, it can also refer to posters, flyers and any additional advertisements you find outside the house. You can even find bus stop ads as a form of OOH advertising!

6. Local advertisements can be a form of OOH advertising

You can use OOH advertising for any type of product or event. Often, you can use it to focus on the locals of a certain city or region.

7. OOH advertisements are driven by data

If an advertiser uses data to find their target audience, they may ultimately use OOH adverts to help speak to the right customers. They can even use the content to speak to clients during specific weather patterns and times.

8. OOH advertisements are cheap

By finding the right areas to show off such an advert, brands can save money. This may not be entirely central in a city, but it can certainly draw in an audience.

9. You can easily track statistics about OOH advertising

Specific software can be used to measure how well the OOH advert is performing. This includes measuring the ROI and offline-to-online conversion. That way they can see how well the advert is performing compared to its competitors.

10. OOH advertising can be quick to produce

Sometimes OOH adverts can be created in only 24 hours! This includes buying the location and launching the campaign.

Are you ready to start?

OOH advertisements are a great way to branch out to a new audience. Make sure to utilise them as much as you can, drawing on both the most common and under recognised benefits of this method of advertising.