10 Tenets from Marketing Guru & Corporate Honcho Namita Tiwari on Conquering Content Marketing

Marketing Expert Namita Tiwari who has spent two decades across marketing functions, is a passionate content evangelist and in her career journey has really enjoyed working on highly impactful content marketing programs. During her tenure with Accenture, she got a chance to excel in “Message House” creation and applying the messaging across formats in content calendar for large scale thought leadership programs. The marketing leadership roles that followed after in her career have always had a strong charter on content creation, curation and messaging.

To start with, below is what Namita Tiwari has to say.

“Content is King — were the golden words of Bill Gates in 1996, today more than two decades later content has emerged as a key pillar in marketing.

Content is emotion. Content is experience, Content is even currency. In all its avatar content still remains the king. To empower Content, we have Engagement as Queen and Context as Jack”.

In today’s world where hyper-connected consumers are constantly consuming content from brands on multiple devices, it has become critical to get content marketing right and messaging sharp and unique. While there are many marketing approaches, Content Marketing is certainly the most celebrated form of communication and is key to a successful go-to-market strategy for Namita Tiwari.

A renowned Digital & Content Evangelist, Namita has earned recognition due to her grip on content marketing, thought leadership marketing and how content can be used to increase sales, make profitable returns and turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

Take a look at the top 10 tenets from Content Evangelist Namita Tiwari on Conquering Content Marketing —

  1. Personalized content, powered by context

As a content marketer, Namita believes creating personalized, human-centered content is the best way. Customers can easily respond to a communication campaign only if it is personalized and has humanistic undertones. While Namita relies on and trusts tech-driven marketing, she also believes in creating a human connection between brand and the audience and vouches for the power of customized messaging for every persona from the target audience.

  1. Be on top of trends, ahead of time

The world is constantly progressing toward adopting more innovative ideas. Namita believes that staying updated and keeping in touch with trends is crucial as a marketeer. In content marketing, one can employ trends , build an effective message house and curate marketing campaigns that clients resonate with resulting in high engagement.

  1. Messages for every persona

As content marketers, we must research and know the prospects we are chasing. One can create a strong message house and build persona-based content approaches that cater to the audience’s needs.  As part of the growing need of various customers, it is important to bring your A-game, research personas, and work to articulate apt messaging.

  1. Video content wins hearts, fuels engagement

Content marketing campaigns should leave a lasting effect and fuel user engagement. Rather than just a text or visual, a combination of audio and visual content or video formats is more appealing to consumers. Namita recommends having videos, reels, and shorts in content communication programs. Go for live sessions, YouTube videos, and Instagram reels to create magic with your content.

  1. Evergreen content – keep updating

One underlying aspect of content marketing is evergreen content, which Namita has inculcated into her campaigns. Content that remains relevant, fresh, updated in terms of trends and is search-optimized for viewers wins the game. Namita has maintained evergreen content in her campaigns achieving high results including higher search engine ranking.

  1. CTA is your best friend

CTA, or Call To Action, is every content marketer’s best friend. When leaving a clear CTA in your content marketing campaign, Namita believes you can fulfill one of the most essential tenets. The reason is simple: once you have a call to action bringing them to your website, leveraging customized messages for every persona —conversion rates and engagement ratio will be higher.

  1. Be authentic

Creating content is easy, but as Namita believes, staying original is a tedious task. Content marketing’s primary tenet is to remain authentic, to be creative, and to develop a campaign that leaves a lasting effect. The marketing guru urges aspiring individuals to think outside the box and create original content that has never been seen before. The more authentic you are, the more footfall you will gather.

  1. Stay consistent

Consistency and originality go hand-in-hand in content marketing and is an aspect that Namita fully endorses. Not only is she creating content marketing strategies that are original, but she remains consistent throughout the campaign’s course which establishes authority, engages the audience, and keeps them coming for more.

  1. Quality over quantity, regularly optimize

Instead of creating numerous content formats, it is essential to favor quality and optimize content pieces that are working well. Namita’s application of this tenet has earned her a spot as the top marketer in the corporate world. She believes that quality content marketing has a lasting impact and attracts more traffic.

  1. Be present at key touchpoints

The last and perhaps the most vital principle of content marketing shared by Namita is being present, staying accessible across important customer touchpoints, and assuring customers of your promise.

Namita Tiwari’s ten tenets are just the tip of the iceberg. Many other tenets of content marketing aid the overall strategy fuelling far-fetched accomplishments. Her well-versed and firm grasp of content marketing has enabled her to achieve numerous marketing goals for building brand and business pipeline. There are many aces up her sleeves as she passionately continues to teach, preach, and practice.

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