10 reasons why every business should consider VoIP

Advances in hardware and software have reinvented the modern workplace with virtual applications, enabling employees to work from anywhere. VoIP solutions are the best way to ensure companies can effectively communicate without having to fork out for less efficient and more expensive systems. Here are 10 reasons why every business should consider VoIP.

1. Convenience

VoIP solutions allow businesses to make phone calls on any device as long as it connects to the internet. This means that you can relax and not have to panic about clients reaching you on your non-business number.

2. Increased mobility

You’re free to leave the office without worrying about missing important communications. VoIP systems take away the trouble of having to forward calls by turning your phone into a handy extension of your business number.

3. Scalability

With a VoIP solution you can adjust the number of users to meet the rising or falling demand from your customers with ease, allowing you to answer calls in a timely fashion, and ultimately making your customer service calls better.

4. Lower maintenance costs

VoIP lines plug into routers through standard jacks so you can have your services up and running in little to not time, reducing related maintenance costs. Another benefit is that in-house staff won’t need any extras to monitor the VoIP network.

5. A wider range of business telephone services

Some of the additional services that can improve your business approach include custom made voicemail, call forwarding and waiting as well as chat capabilities and syncing online schedules and calendars.

6. Better security

VoIP systems feature specialised encryption which makes them more, not less, secure than traditional business telephony technologies – despite what you may have heard regarding the frequency of cyber-attacks.

7. Effective backups and continuous access

Because VoIP is a cloud-based service, you will never lose messages or communications during technological difficulties. Unless you decide to turn it off, a business number will remain available to customers constantly, ensuring customers have someone to talk to at all times.

8. Independence over call settings

The worst part of setting up a new telephony system is making changes regarding call forwarding, voicemail settings, and so on – not to mention that typically you have to do so from your office.

With VoIP you have added flexibility over how you work your call settings, and you can do it on the go, as long as your mobile has the companion app.

9. Built-in conference call capabilities

VoIP allows companies to set up effective voice and video conferencing abilities a lot more effectively than landlines would allow. Plus, you can make a conference call with any device with a camera and speaker!

10. An affordable option

Although pricing varies a lot depending on the service provider you choose, the vast majority of VoIP solutions won’t leave a dent in your bank account. When compared with conventional business telephony systems, you are likely to pay anywhere between 30 to 50 percent less when opting for a VoIP system – or even more, depending on the scale of your system. So, if money is tight, this is without a doubt the best option for you.

And there you have it – 10 crucial ways that all kinds of businesses can benefit from VoIP telephony services.