Your Guide to a Luxury Weekend in Macau

Macau is the perfect place for a luxury getaway

. It’s close to China, so you can combine it with a longer holiday; it has a fascinating history which means you can explore different styles of architecture and a plethora of incredible food whilst there; and it also has a thriving entertainment sector, which has given rise to numerous top hotels and plenty of casinos, if gaming is your thing. If you’re still not quite convinced that Macau is the destination for you then read this guide to spending a luxury weekend there and decide again once you’ve finished.

Stay at the Wynn

It’s always important to stay somewhere opulent if you’re looking for a truly luxury break and the new Wynn Resort is exactly that. It’s situated on the banks of Nam Van Lake, which makes it the perfect space for whiling away an afternoon on the balcony with a cocktail in hand. As well as offering stunning views and five-star accommodation, the Wynn also has excellent entertainment facilities. In fact, the casino at the Wynn is so spectacular that it has become a destination in its own right. It’s so popular that it sees more than 6000 guests through the door each month and, although that seems minuscule compared to the number of users the

best online casinos see each month, it’s really nothing to be sniffed it.

Grab a Pastel de Nata

If breakfast isn’t the perfect time of day for a sweet treat then we don’t know when is. Everybody loves a Pastel de Nata, or a Portuguese egg custard tart, but the ones in Macau are perhaps the best in the world. The pastry is buttery, crisp, and flaky and filled with a golden and slightly caramelized egg custard. There are plenty of places on the island to grab a tart, but our favorite is Lord Stow’s Bakery. One of these is a good snack, but if you’re having them instead of breakfast then grab yourself two and a coffee to go.

The mosaic tiles are a must-see

Marvel at Senado Square

Once you’ve had your hunger sated, it’s time for some sightseeing. Macau has a fascinating history and a bustling street scene and there’s nowhere that brings these elements of life together quite like Senado Square. Surrounded on all four sides by a picturesque mishmash of shops, houses, coffee shops, and restaurants, Senado Square is a people-watcher’s dream, so find yourself a table on the terrace and enjoy watching the comings and goings of this historic square. One other thing – don’t forget to look down as you leave. The floor of Senado Square is covered in a stunning mosaic that looks as though it could have been there for thousands of years but was actually installed in the 1990s. It’s bright and colorful in a Portuguese style that’s just perfect for the setting.

Try Traditional Macau Cuisine

Eating delicious food is one of the best parts of visiting a new country and thanks to Macau’s Chinese and Portuguese heritage, there’s an incredible melting pot of cuisine to enjoy. One of our favorite dishes is Shrimp Roe Noodles. Egg noodles are combined with salty, sweet, and herby dressing and then mixed together with bursting balls of bright orange shrimp roe. If you enjoy seafood and perfectly balanced flavors then you’ll love this regional specialty.