What Vibes Do I Give Off? A Complete Guide To Understanding The Psychology Of Vibes

Are you concerned about “what vibes do I give off?” Are you unaware of different types of vibes and ways to sense them? Here is everything you need to know about vibes!

What type of vibe do I give off? It might have struck your mind multiple times when you analyze other people’s vibes. Sensing a vibe needs dedication and focus. It is more like a spiritual thing. Meanwhile “vibing” is a 21st-century concept. If you ask your grandpa about his vibe, he would most likely get confused. However, it would be good for you if you pace yourself according to the surrounding world.

Have you ever felt a little low around some people? Did you sense the mood of the person next to you? Do you avoid certain people because they give you negative energy? It’s because you can sense their “vibe.” It is a newly introduced term used by Gen-Z to tell what type of impression they are leaving on others.

Not everyone can sense a vibe nor can you tell whether the vibe you are getting is true or not. Why? Because it is based on your instinct or intuition which can be wrong after all. Have you ever wondered “what vibe do I give off” or am I making a good impression? So if you came across this article, it was meant for you. Read ahead and know what are the types of vibes and what you give off!

Vibes refer to the environment or an impression an individual poses through their behavior and attitude. It is also referred to as the energy or aura of an individual. It is a short form for “vibration” which is an emotional reaction to a particular energy. Cambridge Dictionary defines vibes as:

“the feeling you get from being in a particular place or situation or from being with a particular person”

You might have noticed that when something bad is about to happen, you start to get a bad feeling. You feel that something ain’t right which leads to mood swings or anxiety. You might try to know what is wrong but don’t understand the reason behind the bad feeling. This is what energy is.

For instance, if you are a mystery and dark genre fan you might have seen Riverdale. Although it is a fictitious example, it is a better way to understand the concept. So in the finale of season 5, the antagonist Hiram Lodge plants a bomb under the protagonist’s bed. Thus, at the beginning of season 6, the three main characters, Betty, Archie, and Jughead, who came into contact with the bomb started possessing supernatural energies. Betty started seeing the aura or energies of people which we call “vibes.” She sees red auras around evil individuals like killers.

Although it’s a bit confusing, you can consider the intentions or impressions as your vibes. If you have a bad intention for a woman, she will sense it because I guess women can sense these things naturally. Thus it is important to ask yourself “what vibe do I give off”

Types of vibes

Before analyzing yourself by asking “what vibe do I give off”, it is crucial to understand the different types of vibes. There are three broad types of vibes, so let’s explore them.

Positive vibes

As the name suggests, these are the types of vibes that include or give positive energy or feeling to people around you. People with positive vibes are welcoming and compassionate. If you are around positive people, you will feel relaxed and calm. If you think that you are giving positive energy, you must be feeling happy, cool, and friendly with the people around you. Make sure not to let anyone around you affect your positive energy.


There are times when you are around certain people whom you don’t like or whom you hold a grudge against. That bad thinking and intentions will affect your vibe by turning them into negative. Often a positive vibe surrounds those who are lively and pure-hearted.

Neutral vibes

Neutral vibes usually come from newly met individuals who are good at communication and talk in a sophisticated manner. They are usually introverts and usually possess qualities like a chill attitude or serious behavior. In addition, they usually mind their own business instead of being nosy or overly interrupting.

Negative vibes

Among the different types of vibes, next is the negative vibe. People having bad intentions emit negative vibes or energy. You will feel uncomfortable around them even if they are friendly. Their behavior might creep you out. You will notice a lack of compassion, aggressiveness, and depressive nature in a bad person.

For instance, you are standing at a subway station alone and you see two men. One is constantly staring at you while the other is waiting for the train to arrive. Who will you trust the most? Consider this question a vibe check quiz. You will trust the one who isn’t looking at you. But why did you not trust the other one? That’s because you have analyzed his body language which was propagating a negative vibe. You will never get a good vibe from an abuser whether physical or verbal. They possess this strange energy that pushes you to move away from them. That’s how others’ negative vibe affects you as well.

Are vibes real?

Well, this is a controversial question but if you ask my opinion then yes, vibes are real. Differentiating between positive and negative vibes or even understanding a vibe itself is quite difficult. The feeling of what “feels right” or what “feels bad” is difficult to perceive and ranges by the subconscious picking of an individual’s instinct.

Nothing in the world is 100% based on scientific facts rather they inculcate some elements of philosophy, spirit, and emotions as well. A vibe is one of those elements. It cannot be as concretely defined as an element of oxygen or a compound of sodium bicarbonate. It is rather an abstract phenomenon that often leads to realistic conclusions. Thus, neither wrong nor right to say that vibes are real.

What vibe do I give off?

Now that’s a question that is frequently asked: “what vibe do I give off?”

Well, it depends on the way you behave, act with people or the way you greet and talk to others. If you are concerned about your vibes, notice the following points in your behavior.

Understand your energy field color

Understand the signs your body gives you and match them with the color range for a vibe check. If you are feeling a little low that means your energy is low whereas if you are active it represents you have a high energy level with high blood pressure.

Understand the reason

Understand and analyze the situation around you which is affecting your energy and behavior. Ask yourself why you are feeling low or high. Check whether it is associated with a particular person or place or is about the situation you are in.

Give a name to the vibe

There are some colors associated with each type of energy. For that, you might want to consider the later section but for now, you are supposed to match your vibe with a color. For instinct, if you are angry you may want to associate it with red color because this is what you get when you are angry. Pinpointing your emotions and categorizing them will he;p you sort them out with ease. It will also open doors for communication with your inner soul.

Talk about it

If you are overwhelmed by certain negative emotions, it is advised that you should talk to someone. If you have no one around, you can just write it down in your diary or a journal that you keep. However, if you are vibing positively and are in a chill mood, you might listen to music or dance with joy in your room.

Make it work

Going with a pace when vibing is nothing less than keeping up in a relationship with people with opposite traits. Especially when you are vibing negatively, you will have to work at its pace or you will even feel more distress. You can associate that feeling of despair” with the blue color and energetic or powerful with red.

Every mood or vibe is associated with a certain color for better understanding. Let’s have a look. For instance, we have a red color. What do you relate it with? Well, it is usually associated with heightened feelings like anger, anxiety, or guilt. It is also related to stress or when you are specifically in a stressful situation. You might have an adrenaline rush in a situation like you are being kidnapped or failing a test and know that you will be grounded.

In addition, if you are feeling depressed because you had a breakup or you are having mood swings. In this case, you will relate your vibe to the color green. Similarly, for a jolly mood and optimistic energy, you can consider wearing a yellow color to reflect your vibe.

To get a better understanding, we have attached a table below to relate each color with each vibe.

Red Green  Yellow Blue
Stressed Lonely Thrilled Tranquil
Anxious Sad Joyful Content
Angry Hopeless Silly Calm
Frustrated Distraught Proud Loving
Irritated Bored Optimistic Satisfied
Jittery Carefree Enthusiastic Depressed
Guilty Calm Motivated Pessimistic

How to give positive vibes?

After acknowledging the question of what vibe I give off, it is necessary to be aware of ways to give the most positive vibes. Different types of vibes are determined by certain behavior. Here is a list of powerful ways in which you can give positive vibes.

Be authentic

Genuinity is what matters the most. Nobody likes a fake person or wants to be friends with one. It is necessary to keep yourself real. No matter what other people say because regardless of what you do, you cannot make everyone happy. Thus, make sure you are not masking your real personality and showing what others like.

However, if you are wondering what is its relation to your vibe then let me tell you. It is important to be authentic if you want to give positive vibes. People can see your fakeness which turns your vibe into negativity. Hence, you can say that a positive vibe is directly proportional to being genuine and authentic.


Mindfulness doesn’t mean occupying your mind with several thoughts, rather it refers to self-awareness. It is necessary to practice mindfulness if you want to keep up with the positive vibes widely practiced in Buddhism. This strategy will help you understand your feelings, and make you aware of surrounding movements and bodily sensations. It would be helpful when you are having a stressful week and your mind is occupied. Thus, you can do it to sustain your sanity.

To practice mindfulness, you have to meditate, do some breathing exercises, and keep your rhythm. You need to accept yourself, let go of your negative thoughts and pay attention to detail. It is more like a “living in the moment” philosophy.

Stay away from negative people

Being with negative people also makes you negative which impacts your vibes. It is necessary to keep a distance from negative people otherwise it will take no time to be turned into them. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist or if your parents or friends possess narcissistic traits, you need to act immediately, because one dirty fish spoils the whole pond.

A pessimistic attitude toward negative people will make your attitude gloomy and you will lack the motivation you should have.

Consider the colors you wear

It is not known to everyone that colors play a significant role in your life. You need to understand the psychology of colors to understand their correlation with types of vibes. If you are desperately looking forward to pulling off the loom as well as a positive vibe, you should wear calm or bright colors like mild yellow, blue, pink, orange, and white.

Stay positive

Try to overcome your negative thinking and induce positive thinking by surrounding yourself with good people and meditating. Be open to humor instead of becoming cranky over a little matter. Make sure to change habits of unhealthy talk and stay more in contact with nature. Practicing gratitude and focusing on good things will also help you maintain a positive vibe.

Search for the good in others

Although no one in the universe can be perfect, at least we can consider focusing on the good things about a person. You will also have some negative attitudes and that does not make you a bad person however, it can certainly affect your energy. To help yourself in vibing positively, you need to find good in others. As it has been said:

When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.

– Martin Walsh

Smile often

Smiling increases your life as well as your health. Smiling is a kind gesture that revives positive energy. It is recommended to smile in every situation. For Instance, if you are depressed or anxious, you might try smiling for 2-3 minutes. Your brain will activate the happiness-generating part that is the amygdala and you will restore your good mood. Isn’t it magical?

Smiling is associated with positive energy whereas, stress links with negativity. Thus, smiling often reduces stress and generates positive vibes around you.

Positive body language

Body language is a means of nonverbal communication. You can understand a person’s mood with his gestures. For instance, if you are talking to a colleague and he has his arms crossed, it means that he is disinterested in your conversation; yeah that means he is having negative energy which might consume your positive energy as well. Thus, it is important to maintain positive body language.

Compliment others

Have you ever complimented others? Or have you ever been complimented? If yes, then you might have noticed a change in your mood even if you are having a bad day. You will feel more happy and calm than before. But why is it that it is because you have absorbed someone else’s positive vibe?

How to determine someone’s vibes?

Determining vibe does not always lead to the right conclusion and it comes naturally. After all, it is human intuition that he believes, and that can sometimes be wrong. However, if you want to determine what vibe a person sitting next to you is giving, consider the following points:

Read eyes

Eyes are mirrors to the soul-there is no doubt about that. It has been believed that if you want to understand one’s intentions, you must look into their eyes carefully. No, I am not saying to stare like a creep but to determine the way a person looks at you or other people. You will be able to acknowledge whether the person is looking at you in admiration or with bad intentions.


Understand body language

Do you know when you go for an interview, many companies analyze your body language to know your personality and behavior? It gives them access to conclude your supposed good and bad qualities. But how can they be so sure? Let me be clear that every personality type has certain characteristics, if your behavior matches those characteristics you will be put under that category.

Therefore, you must avoid sitting in a slouch position, should not keep your hand in your pockets, or not cross your arms. These postures indicate a negative vibe.

Understand the touch

You will feel warmth when you hug or shake hands with a person with positive vibes. Thus, when you meet a new person, understand how he hugs you, is it lost or is it gripping? This will help you understand the energy emitted by that individual.

Sense their presence

Do you feel it when someone is staring at you without looking at them? This is how you sense the presence of negative energy around you. A person possessing a negative vibe will interrupt your positive vibes.

Pay attention to their tone

If you want to understand the types of vibes a person is giving, make sure to focus on their tone. Sometimes you can sense a bad vibe from their overly assertive tone.

Vibe check quiz

There are numerous vibe check quizzes available online so you can diagnose what type of vibe you give to other people. In this way, it will be easy to find the answer to the question “What vibe do I give off”. Many quizzes include questions related to your personality, your friend circle, and what are your interests. You can check out vibe check quizzes online. It will be fun with some entertainment and you will also get to know what vibes you give.


Some people consider sensing vibes a psychic ability. However, it is based on human intuition and gut feeling. Understanding “what vibe do I give off” is not a chemical reaction that is hard to understand. It is important to keep track of your vibe. It tells the people around you what type of person you are or whether it would be good for others if they stay around you.

It is also sometimes related to psychic ability. However, it is more spiritual. It is not necessary to learn to read or understand the vibe, it comes naturally. For instance, you are on a date and the person is creeping you out with some weird question. Thus if that person had a bad intention towards you, you will sense it immediately. However, you don’t need to stress yourself over petty things and maintain a negative vibe.