What Makes Content Go Viral: Core Concepts with Andrea Giunti

Andrea Giunti Lombardo is a 22-year-old innovating his family business, with over 1000+ employees and a quarter billion dollar USD yearly revenue. He has had a long list of achievements beginning with the start of his entrepreneurial career at the early age of 13-year-old organizing events in Florence with thousands of people. Although the young entrepreneur has already built quite an impressive resume of achievements, his latest and most aspiring work he’s doing involves taking the concepts of Virality into his Family’s Business. 

1st Core Concept Behind Virality: Evoking Emotion 

Before anything, Andrea believes you need to think about your persona; you need to envision that very clearly and think about the niche that persona will fall under. Think about the reader’s reactions to that Content, what feelings will your Content evoke. If there’s none, then you might want to rethink your Content

Make your Content useful; make it worth sharing. Whether it will make someone laugh, angry, cry, surprise them or make them sad, make sure it evokes some sport of Emotion. Andrea prefers creating Content that makes people happy and laughs. Animals, baby reactions, funny Content has worked well for Andreas. 

2nd Core Concept Behind Virality: Simplicity Reigns Supreme

Keep Content Short and simple; people don’t have time. Today time is more valuable than money. Andreas agrees that even as a giant publishing house their only real competitor is time. Everyone is fighting for people’s attention and their time, from social media platforms to traditional media publishers, online magazines or blogs, players like Netflix or HBO, TV, Spotify, etc… they all want your time. That’s the most valuable thing. You can ask people to pay money to access Content, but you can’t afford to waste your audience’s time, or they won’t come back. Make sure Content always looks good, that the viewer experience is smooth, and the information is easy to absorb and that it catches their attention. 

3rd Core Concept Behind Virality: Track Everything

The most fundamental rule to follow if you want to grow your digital audience is to make sure that your Content is tracked. Analyze what’s performing well and what is not. Try to consider all dynamics of why a specific piece did not perform well as a method of gathering data; understand why. Make some numbers based conjectures. Find clusters. Sometimes you will realize that viral Content is not what you predict it to be. Sometimes it’s not rational, sometimes it’s not predictable. But if you track it, you can create a framework that will allow you to create Content that, on average, has higher chances to be viral within your audience. “

Key Takeaway

Andrea Giunti plans on further sculpting a name for himself in the digital media industry by further educating himself on the concepts behind Virality. While only being 22 years old, Andrea has already established a successful track record of accomplishments that many would consider unattainable.