What Is Steve Harvey’s Net Worth? – Get Excited To Know All About It

Every American knows who Steve Harvey is and what he is famous for. But do you know what is Steve Harvey’s net worth? If you are a fan of Steve Harvey, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read this article to learn interesting facts about him, including his net worth. 

If you are a fan of Steve Harvey, you must be curious to know what is Steve Harvey’s net worth. But let’s first pique your interest by introducing who Steve Harvey is and how he managed to be where he is now. Steve Harvey is an Emmy Award-winning entertainer, radio personality, motivational speaker, New York Times bestselling author, businessman, and philanthropist.

Several shows have been successful in his name. Harvey was a finalist in the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search, performing on April 16, 1990, eventually leading to a long stint as host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” succeeding Mark Curry in that role. His success as a stand-up comedian led to a starring role on the short-lived ABC show “Me and the Boys” in 1994. He has hosted the nationally syndicated radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” since its inception in 2000.


Born in 1957 in Welch, West Virginia, United States, Steve Harvey is one of the most popular comedians globally. He has released 20 comedy albums, written six books that have sold over 7 million copies worldwide, and been on the New York Times Best Seller List. His comedy career started with stand-up comedy at clubs before becoming a successful TV host on shows like “The Family Feud” and “Celebrity Family Feud” from 2010 until 2018. In 2009 he started hosting “Steve Harvey Morning Show” to help educate listeners about city government and politics in the United States.

In the late ’80s, Harvey was homeless for three years. He slept in his 1976 Ford when not performing gigs that provided a hotel, and he showered at gas stations or swimming pool showers. Rich and Becky Liss helped Harvey during this time with a contract for carpet cleaning and credit at a travel agency. Life did not serve Mr. Steve Harvey had everything on his plate; he had his fair share of struggles. We know you must be hyped up until now to know Steve Harvey’s net worth; let’s put an end to your waiting and spill the beans.

After beginning his journey as a comedian, Steve Harvey’s career and net worth have aged like fine wine. With multiple business ventures and a magnetic attitude, success seems to follow Harvey wherever he goes.

How much is steve harvey worth 2022, Steve Harvey’s estimated net worthhttps://hustlersdigest.com/what-is-michael-jordans-net-worth/ is at least $250M. Steve Harvey earns $50M a year from his salary and endorsements. Harvey has been a boxer, an autoworker, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner, and a mailman. On October 8, 1985, he performed his first stand-up comedy at the Hilarities comedy club in Cleveland, Ohio. And many people asked that is steve harvey still alive, answer is yes.

Early life

Broderick Stephen Harvey was born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, and is the son of Jesse Harvey, a coal miner, and Eloise Vera. Broderick’s first name is named after actor Broderick Crawford of the TV series Highway Patrol. Harvey had a severe stuttering problem, which he eventually overcame as a child. Harvey’s family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, living on East 112th Street, renamed Steve Harvey Way in 2015.



He graduated from Glenville high school in 1974. Shortly after high school, he attended Kent State university and West Virginia university and is an Omega Psi Phi fraternity member. Steve Harvey was in sixth grade when he wrote on a paper that he wanted to be on TV just like Bill Cosby at about nine years of age.

He did not let his speech impediment come in his way of dreaming big. This dream grew bigger with him, and he did not let go of his vision even when he was graduating from Glenville high school and still having to stutter in 1974. Steve Harvey earned the title “Va Va Voom” during high school from his schoolmates for not pronouncing the letter “V” while attempting to say the word “volcano.”


As a young African-American, Harvey’s life had been full of challenges and frustrations. He switched to multiple jobs, working day and night to meet ends. However, he was not entirely satisfied as he had the fire in his belly to do something big. Before beginning his career in comedy, Steve Harvey worked as an autoworker, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, and even a mailman. His first ever comedy performance was on October 8, 1985, at Hilarities Comedy Club in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1990, Harvey participated in the second annual “Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search.” His stretch at the talent hunt earned him a chance to host the music TV show ‘It’s Showtime at the Apollo.’ Eventually, he landed a starring role in ‘Me and the Boys’ in the ABC show in 1994.


In 1996, he got a significant breakthrough in his career when he started hosting his flagship show, ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ which ran until 2002. The show was especially very popular in the African-American community. Alongside his television career, Harvey continued presenting his stand-up comedy acts. He performed various pieces with other stand-up comedians, all of which were later compiled into a DVD film titled ‘The Original Kings of Comedy.’

In 2003, Harvey came up with ‘Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge.’ The variety show had him play the roles of both a comedian and a host. The show aired on the WB network until 2005. During this time, he even wrote a book named ‘Steve Harvey’s Big Time.’ Having gained a reputation for himself both on TV and on the stage, Harvey explored the big screen in 2003. He starred in films ‘The Fighting Temptations’ and ‘Racing Stripes’ as a supporting character.

Halfway through 2005, Harvey created waves on entertainment mediums as an actor, entertainer, author, and TV host. You can say that Steve Harvey has a domineering personality. He wrote the critically acclaimed bestseller, ‘Act Like a Lady,’ ‘Think like a Man.’ In 2008, he hosted a career-focused show for teens called ‘the Disney Dreamers Academy.’ Two years later, Harvey became the host of the television show ‘Family Feud.’ The show, suffering from low ratings, became the second most-watched daytime syndicated show. Additionally, Harvey also hosted Celebrity Family Feud in 2010.

Harvey’s 27-year journey as a stand-up comedian ended in August 2012 when he gave his last performance as a stand-up comedian at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A month following his final stand-up act, Harvey debuted with the self-titled talk show, ‘Steve Harvey.’ It continued until 2016, after which a new syndicated talk show called ‘Steve’ was launched in November 2016.

Harvey has served as the host for the Miss Universe pageant since 2015. He has hosted the final events in Las Vegas, Philippines, and the recent one in Las Vegas. If you have been following Miss Universe 2015, you must know how Steve Harvey went viral for the wrong announcement.

Dеѕріtе announcing thе wrоng mіѕѕ unіvеrѕе іn 2015, Ѕtеvе Наrvеу ѕtіll hоѕtеd 2017 mіѕѕ unіvеrѕе раgеаnt dо уоu knоw whу? Весаuѕе hе іѕ thе bеѕt whеn іn thіѕ ѕоught оf а thіng. Не іѕ а mаn wе саn dеѕсrіbе аѕ а multi-faced individual ѕіnсе the number оf gіgѕ hе рullѕ оf іn а dау truly rеflесt thе hаrd-working іndіvіduаl hе іѕ.

Net worth of Steve Harvey in 2022


With an impressive career, starting as a stand-up comedy in the early 1980s before venturing into the fields of hosting, writing, acting, and business, do you wonder what Steve Harvey net worth is? Well, if you do, we are here with the figures and how and where he makes the dough.

Presently in 2022, Ѕtеvе Наrvеу nеt worth аmоuntѕ tо $250 mіllіоn. Не іѕ а mаn whо wе саn bеѕt dеѕсrіbе аѕ а јасk оf аll trаdеѕ, аnd thаt is hоw hе hаѕ bееn аblе tо еаrn ѕuсh а hugе fоrtunе fоr hіmѕеlf. Ніѕ рrіmаrу ѕоurсе оf іnсоmе hаѕ bееn thе соmеdу ѕhоwѕ, thе tаlk ѕhоwѕ, thе tоurѕ hе mаkеѕ, thе еndоrѕеmеntѕ, аnd dоn’t fоrgеt thе fіlmѕ tо аdd ѕоmеthіng uр tо hіѕ net worth.

Steve Harvey worked hard to earn his fortune. His omnipresence in the media industry has accumulated well to his net worth. During all those years, Steve Harvey did not only make money, but he also earned respect by giving back to society.

In September 2010, Harvey started hosting the American television game show “Family Feud.” Under Harvey, the show witnessed improved ratings, and he surpassed every other past host of this show in the length of consecutive tenures. After its success, he also hosted “Celebrity Family Feud,” where different celebrities donated $25,000 to their preferred charity and competed for the chance.

Nevertheless, as you must be aware now, Steve Harvey has various earning sources. Therefore, in 2017 he united all of his businesses and accumulated them under one name, Steve Harvey Global (SHG). It is an entertainment company, which has become one of the most significant sources of income to increase Steve Harvey’s worth. Under SHG works the in-house production company of Harvey named “East One Twelve,” which develops digital content, television, and films. Steven harvey age is 65 years old.

What kind of car does Steve Harvey drive?


Steve harvey car collection – Steve Harvey is an enthusiastic car guy, particularly loving ultra luxurious rides like Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. But when you are worth $250 million, no one can tell you what you can and can not spend your money on. And besides, he also contributes heavily to charities around the world, for causes like breast cancer research, feeding the homeless, and many more as he believes in giving back to society.

If you are a true fan, you would know everything Steve Harvey owns or wears has a class. He is the epitome of refined taste. Just like his houses and famous suits, he has always been sassy yet classy about the cars he drives. Here are a few of the cars’ details that Steve Harvey owned or drove.

In a Ford explorer for an event

Back in 2011, the Steve Harvey morning Show established a partnership with Ford for the Las Vegas 2011 Ford hoodie awards. One lucky winner and their betrothed would be chauffeured around in a 2011 Ford Explorer after the “Craziest Marriage Proposal” challenge. Steve loved that car and continued the relationship with Ford, and in 2015 he posted a photo on his social media of a new 2016 Ford Explorer, urging people to see the car and be one of the first to own one.

Steve and wife in her new Rolls-Royce

He gifted his wife Marjorie ‘Rolls-Royce phantom drophead coupe.’ The Drophead Coupe is famously the most expensive mass-produced car that Rolls-Royce offers to ordinary mortals, and for his third wife, who is also the love of his life, Steve would only get her the best!

Bentley Mulsanne as a birthday present

While Steve got his beloved a $500,000 Rolls-Royce for her 50th birthday, she went ahead and spent a little over half the amount on a brand new Bentley Mulsanne for his 59th birthday. This Bentley could be considered a brother-sister to the Rolls-Royce he got for his wife, so it is a pretty appropriate gift, and it was also well wrapped in a red bow. After posting pictures of the car, which only gets 11 mpg, to his social media, he was grilled by a six-year-old environmentalist on Little Big Shots. Henry, the environmentalist, then told Steve simply to “take a bus.”

In black 1957 Chevy Bel Air with Jerry Seinfield

Steve Harvey was a comedian before he was a presenter or a TV show host, so it seems appropriate to see him with other like-minded comedians, such as Jerry Seinfeld, probably one of the only people Steve hangs around who is more successful than himself. In the episode featuring Harvey, Jerry picks him up in a smooth, vintage, black 1957 Chevy Bel Air and asks him non-consequential questions about his life. For a show that has had the likes of Barack Obama on it, that’s a pretty prestigious spot to be in for the comedian, even for someone like Steve Harvey!

Ford tempo

Steve Harvey has had an exciting life journey because of the trials and tribulations he had to deal with to get to where he is now. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which is probably why he is relatable and likable. People like to see a rags-to-riches story, which is the story of Steve Harvey.

He struggled with homelessness in his youth while living in LA, trying to get famous, and he has come out the other side of the tunnel with a veritable entertainment empire. Years ago, he told “People Magazine” he was living in a 1988 Ford Tempo, using an Igloo cooler as a refrigerator, showering up in rest stop bathrooms, and trying to make it as a comedian. Hence, you can say Ford and Steve Harvey had been together for a long time.

Steve Harvey house


From a multi-million-dollar penthouse in Chicago to a lavish mansion in Atlanta, Georgia that used to belong to Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey owned some pretty unique houses in recent years. You can not say he lives in one place for a celebrity like him. He sure does move around cities for work and owns houses in different states. Steve has invested in a couple of luxurious houses and occasionally grants private tours.

Steve Harvey house Atlanta

His house in Atlanta is believed to contain a waterfall, an in-house grill, a mini-golf course, a cigar cabinet containing his private cigar collection, and an exquisite closet containing shoes he designs himself. His Chicago studio, designed by Mikel Welch, is so famous for its comfort that it has been termed “a home away from home.”

In May 2020, Steve dropped $15 million on a 34,688 square foot palace in Atlanta, which happens to be the former home of media mogul Tyler Perry. Located at 4110 Paces Ferry Road, the house is on 17 landscaped acres of land.

Perry sold it in 2016 for $17.5 million to evangelist and entrepreneur David Turner after initially listing it for $25 million. David then put it on the market in 2018 for $25 million again. It features approximately 34,688 square feet of living space with 7 bedrooms, 9 full and 4 half bathrooms, 2-story foyer with grand double staircase, 2-story great room, 2-story formal dining room, gourmet kitchen with double islands, 2-story family room with rear staircase, home office, home theater, gym, spa, underground ballroom with catering kitchen, garages and more.

Steve Harvey house in California

Since the series, rebranded simply as “Steve,” was moved to California, rumors have arisen that Harvey and his family might have recently purchased 11,234 square-foot property in the famed Beverly Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Harvey and his wife are dropping a reported $110,000 per month for the private home above Beverly Hills. The traditional style of the home offers quite a serine vibe for a man who has several jobs.

The 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms are spread throughout the home, between a chef’s kitchen, screening room, maids quarters, and a library. Although with standard white walls in most rooms, the kitchen has a stunning blue paint color. There is also a sprawling 1,000 square foot guest/pool house in the backyard, with a full kitchen. There are expansive patios and lush lawns between the main and guest homes.

Though information regarding this move remains tittle-tattle at the moment due to lack of evidence, an anonymous source claimed that a very famous name was making Beverly Park their new home. Many are surmising that this could be Harvey and wife Marjorie.


Steve Harvey house Chicago

In 2013, Harvey purchased a 5,500 square-foot penthouse on the 88th floor of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, Illinois. He resided at this location while filming his daytime talk show ‘The Steve Harvey Show.’ It was not until Autumn of 2018 that Harvey parted with the luxury condo for $7.7 million. The decision to sell the penthouse was likely due to the relocation of Harvey’s show from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Steve Harvey house Texas

In addition to his extravagant Atlanta property, Steve Harvey also owned a 7,430 square-foot property in Little Elm, Texas. There are few details about the home’s interior, but property records indicate that it was built in 2003, features five bedrooms, six baths, and has a build on 3.67 acres of land. The home, which has been on and off the market for years, sold in July 2020 for an undisclosed amount. It was last listed for $1,075,000.

Before purchasing his Little Elm estate, Harvey owned a five-bedroom, six-bath property in Plano, Texas. Stood on 3.25 acres of land, the residence is 11,657 square feet in size and comes with a gourmet kitchen, game room, four-car garage, swimming pool & spa, elevator, and a large suite. Records indicate the comedian owned the property until 2003, when he listed it for a whopping $3.5 million.

The list of houses Steve Harvey owns or has owned demonstrates one thing: this man knows how to live a luxurious life and has refined taste while creating a living space. Not everyone can do justice when designing a house, which is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. However, Harvey surely knows how to balance that.


Steve Harvey is an American comedian, businessman, award-winning show host, and entertainer who has a net worth of $250 million as of 2022. He is well-known as the host of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” as well as popular game shows “Family Feud” and “Celebrity Family Feud.” His fans adore him. His humble yet challenging abode to success inspires people. Having earned a reputation, Steve Harvey never tweaked to give respect to people, which always reflects in his actions.

Despite everything, when fans search for a celebrity online, they want to know everything. People love to read about Steve Harvey, including his competitors or rivals; they also wonder what is Steve Harvey’s net worth. Steve Harvey kicked off his career as a comedian in the early 80s. He suffered numerous financial setbacks during the early stages of his acting career, including being homeless for three years. However, he continued performing standup comedy until his break finally came in and never gave up. And that’s the kind of attitude one must endure to keep on moving in life.

FAQ’s about Steve Harvey

What is Steve Harvey Net Worth 2020

Steve Harvey net worth is estimated to be $75 million. His businesses include the Tony Robbins Foundation, the Steve Harvey’s Resorts and Hotels, the Steve Harvey Brand, the Steve Harvey Show, the Steve Harvey Talent Show and Entertainment, the Steve Harvey Delish Network, several TV programs, one of which is the WEtv sitcom “Steve Harvey’s Bigger Bang” as well as his monthly appearances on “The Tonight Show”, on which he is the host and a mentor. Steve harvey salary for per episode is $100000.

How old is Steve Harvey and did steve harvey die?

Steve Harvey age is 65 years and no, he is alive.

How tall is steve harvey

He is 1.85 M.

how many kids does steve harvey have ?

He have 7 kids.

Where is steve harvey from

He is from Welch, West Virginia, United States.