Using Your Credit Card to Create Passive Income

Credit has always been seen as just a trophy or just a score that can help you get approved for car and home loans. What not many people understand is that credit can be that and then some. Like you can actually profit off your good credit history. At first, I used to see credit the way that most people do, and I didn’t think it mattered. My viewpoint changed with the help of an expert and powerhouse in the industry, Solomon Lacy. He helped me understand the options I have and the true power behind credit. 

One of the biggest ways that credit can be profitable is the ability it has to make up to five figures, just by using up your credit card’s authorized user slots. It doesn’t sound so simple, does it? Well, actually, it is. This article is going to help you understand how you can start making money by using your credit card without affecting your own personal credit. This will even present the added benefit of being able to continue to build your credit without risk.


Borrowing Credit History

Lacy helped me understand that authorized user tradelines can essentially be defined as borrowed credit history. Let’s say someone wants to buy a really nice car and they have the money to make payments, however, they have a credit score of 600. Even though they can afford the monthly payments, they will not be able to get it because they will not qualify for financing. This is where you, “the money maker with the phenomenal credit profile,” comes in. What someone in this situation could do is go to someone, like you, to be added on your credit card as a temporary authorized user. 

This means that they would simply borrow your card’s history and availability, which would boost their own credit score, thus allowing them to purchase the car. In this scenario, Lacy would be the bridge between you and the person looking for a boost in credit. No matter what happens during the process of the person being added as an authorized user, it will not affect you at all since they will not have any access to your credit card–all they are doing is borrowing your credit card history and availability. I still wasn’t quite understanding, but then Lacy went on to explain the process of how you, the cardholder, makes money.

Lacy explains that the average credit card usually has about three to five authorized user slots and that each slot could be sold for anywhere between $300 to $500. You can cycle these slots every month, giving you the opportunity to make up to $2500 a month on one credit card. You, the cardholder, are only responsible for continuing your great financial habits; 20% or lower utilization and on-time monthly payments. Easy, right? I was shocked to find out about this, and the fact that Fresh Start Financials Group could do all the work for you was hard to believe, but it was true.

A brand new car using tradeline slots

Let’s throw in a real and recent example shared by Lacy. For the privacy of the individual, we’ve renamed him Client Z. “Client Z had been trying to purchase her first brand new car. She had gone to several new car dealerships and had been unsuccessful at securing financing. Sure, she could have gone to a used lot but that’s not what she had her eyes on. Credit was preventing her. A dealership finally agreed to finance her, but she needed a 20 point boost to bring her score to 680. 

She decided to reach out to FSFG, purchased the AU tradeline and in 2 weeks it boosted her score up 52 points! She is now the proud owner of a brand new 2020 Toyota Camry!  She now has reliable transportation that is under a manufacturer’s warranty, so no more surprise auto expenses that could put her in another compromising financial situation.” Client Z was able to purchase her brand new car, by using just one of the services Fresh Start FInancials Group offers to their clients


So, apparently money does grow on trees

Lacy has helped several responsible cardholders make 5 figures by simply sitting at home and letting FSFG ‘do the work’. As long as you fit the requirements shared above, you could too. So, if you’re looking to make some extra cash every month, try selling some of your slots. If your FICO score is less than favorable, I promise you, there is no credit profile that can’t be fixed. He’s helped thousands of individuals and families with their credit goals, as well to achieve approvals on vehicles, homes, and the credit cards they desire. My preferred expert for anything finance related, is Solomon Lacy III.