Travis Richey: The Entrepreneur Who Turned Adversity into an Opportunity

A German philosopher Nietzsche said, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” A reasonable level of difficulty is necessary for everyone’s life. You’ll never genuinely know joy if you’ve never experienced sadness. Minor setbacks teach us how to cope with stress and empathize with others. However, just because a modest amount of toughness is helpful for you doesn’t mean considerable affliction is better. Finding your way out of the worst times in life is indeed one of the hardest things, and without proper guidance and counsel, one may conveniently lose his direction. 

Travis Richey uses his life experiences, positive approach towards life, and skills to support the incarcerated and former offenders walk back into their lives with greater purpose and mindset. He believes in the power of compassion and its ability to alter the lives of others. Believing in the best in others, Travis founded AccomplishED Ventures in 2013, with the primary objective of providing the inmates with education, life skills, financial literacy, emotional and behavioral awareness, and entrepreneurial skills through the vast and comprehensive tablet-based and in-person curriculum of AccomplishED Ventures. 

One of the inherent principles in criminal justice is recidivism. More than 65% of the inmates return to the prisons in the span of three years of their release. It is a recurring behavior that requires proper training and counseling. AccomplishED Ventures provides a platform for the inmates to gain the skills they need to cope with and meet the opportunities awaiting them after being released from prison. Travis Richey has made this his mission to transform the world’s perception of second chances and jail reform by working from the inside out and influencing the prison system through his efforts.