Top 3 Habits That Can Help Skyrocket Your Business according to Beauty Influencer Aicha Dramé

Aicha Dramé is a source of inspiration for all those women aspiring to make a name for themselves in this man’s world. While working at Aldo shoe store as her first job, she came across her love for fashion and beauty. She says, While working at the store, I realized the possibilities of making a business out of fashion.”

Working right in the middle of a leading fashion business, she decided to make her own company around fashion. While entrepreneurship is not for everyone, Aicha proved that she was made for being her boss and creating her trends. She saw a dream as a young woman and went for it with all she had to make it true. Today her company, the

Beauty Kingdom not only sells eyelash sets and extensions but also provides professional lash training to empower women. Aicha Dramé accredits her success to 3 of her habits that helped her develop a strong mindset and enabled her to skyrocket her business. 

Consistency is the key

Many dreams work for it and fail largely because of their inability to stay focused and consistent. Aicha says her habit of staying consistent through thick and thin while setting up her business, and giving her best shot each day helped her achieve success “I was very passionate about meeting goals and being consistent was key in doing so.” consistency is vital for success as it helps you stay focused in the present while maintaining a long term vision. 

Resistance to negative feelings

Negative emotions and feelings during difficult moments can consume you. Dealing with them with intelligence, so that they do not affect your progress is a skill that Aicha has acquired and she believes it has helped her grow exponentially. “I had a lot of difficult moments that I had to learn to put my feelings aside and keep going regardless of what was going on around me.”

Overcoming the negativity of setbacks and failures, or the difficult situations in life with positivity and a mindset to learn from them is the way to conquer your life’s direction. 

Believing in self 

Having faith in your skills and abilities is important to flourish in life. Aicha believed in herself and that belief led her to take the daunting step of setting up her own business. That belief drove her to the astounding heights of success in the beauty and lash business. She firmly believes that the first step you ought to take to achieve your dream is to start believing in your abilities and have confidence in yourself. Fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviors won’t change your life, but your faith in yourself surely will.

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