Top 10 best Things To Do in New Jersey this Fall

A major advantage of living in New Jersey is its close proximity to virtually anywhere. New Jersey is an extensive and underrated state. Hotels, restaurants, and art scenes are all plentiful in the cities. With their twisting trails, the surrounding forests provide a sense of seclusion. There are many types of beaches, from secluded islands to laid-back downtown beaches. In addition, the state is home to world-class museums and heritage sites that preserve its history while maintaining its relevance. When you get bored of one vibe, switch up your itinerary. Take your GPS and hop in the car rather than staying in one place. The fact that this state is the most populated in the nation has its advantages, and with new things launching in New Jersey all the time, there’s always something exciting happening. Here are some of the must-see locations for your next visit!

Ironbound District Newark

Iberian cuisine highlights Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood, with a significant Portuguese and Spanish population. The warmest welcome to the day begins at Teixiera’s with heavenly pasteis de nata

and espresso. Enjoy tapas around town, including bacalhau, But don’t forget to explore neighborhood gems off Ferry Street by veering off the beaten path. 

Asbury Park Boardwalk

Asbury Park has received an almighty revival with lots of amazing places to discover and enjoy. The Asbury Hotel opened as a global destination for tastemakers. Check out the beaches, and you’ll understand why Brooklynites choose to live here. The Silverball Museum exhibits vintage pinball machines. Have a beer at Beach Bar or rock out at Asbury Park Yacht Club. 

Wildwood Neon

After the sun sets, Wildwood’s neon glows brightly. In a city by the sea that boasts the most extensive collection of preserved mid-century motels in the nation, if not the world, a new era of living is emerging. Asbury’s hipsters have yet to get the memo. In 2018, the city opened its first brewery and smokehouse, Mud Hen Brewing Co. The Doo Wop Preservation League offers tours of the neon, or you can explore on foot. 

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Jersey is known for its DIY culture. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is such a big success at the historic Roebling Wire Works and Trenton War Memorial. Several trade shows are held each year at which vendors sell a wide variety of products. The market includes a friendly crowd with a hardcore style, loud music, and food trucks.

Albert Music Hall

You don’t want to miss this booze-free, throwback Albert Music Hall event on Saturday nights if you love Americana and roots music. No beer here! It’s a great place to spend the evening with pie, coffee, and down-home tunes. The show ends at 11 pm. Don’t forget to stop by the Pickin’ Shed if you like to play. Here, you can hear some of the most enchanting sounds. 

Pineland Adventures

A place where secrets hide amid the pines, the New Jersey Pine Barrens is filled with ghost towns, meandering rivers, and tales of pirates, privateers, and industrialists. Pinelands Adventures offers tours and hikes that encompass both land and water attractions so that you can explore the region’s magic. On these trips and trails you’ll learn to read the forest and appreciate its deep history by exploring long-gone ironworks and some of the country’s most productive cranberry bogs. 

National Wildlife Refuge

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge may be the best place to spend $4 in the state. By purchasing a car pass, one can access an eight-mile unpaved Wildlife Drive that crisscrosses a salt-marsh refuge that is stunningly beautiful. As we explore the North Atlantic Flyway, we discover the wonder of an ecosystem. The migrations of spring and fall are particularly impressive. Explore pathways and observation towers to see shorebirds diving for fish and shellfish. Check out nesting platforms to see ospreys.

Pier 13

New Jersey residents appreciate having New York City nearby, regardless of sibling rivalry-and you don’t have to cross the river to take advantage of it. In addition to DJs, food trucks, craft beer, and cocktails, Pier 13 in Hoboken hosts events from May to October. As you sip an adult beverage and enjoy the city’s skyline, relax on the pier directly above the Hudson River. 

Newark Museum

In your younger years, did you ever have the feeling of being belittled when well-meaning adults suggested a museum trip? Forget it. Locals who attend the museum on Late Thursdays sip free wine, explore an incredible collection, and kick off Brick City’s nightlife.

Sculpture Grounds

A 20-foot rendition of King Lear as you approach is the first hint that this is not your typical museum: huge blue and red heads line the highway. A wide range of artwork is displayed at the 42 acres of Grounds for Sculpture, including Carole Feuerman’s “Employee Shower,” evoking the boundaries of being. There are resident peacocks to watch, as well as Rat’s Restaurant, a place where you can have a cocktail.