The Mind Of A Creative Entrepreneur: Prophecy Onasis of Vuzzle Media

Prophecy Onasis is an innovator and maverick in the tech space but his humble beginnings started in the music industry as a professional producer and artist. This background and creative energy in music is in part what has helped him gain massive success in the tech world.

Today he is CTO for Vuuzle Media Corporation, and despite 20+ years dealing with top companies like Verizon Media, he’s remained a humble character who prefers to stay behind the scenes.

Prophecy is the master orchestrator of the Vuuzle TV CDN platform, VUMU Music platform and Clout9, a 3 dimensional content delivery platform. At Vuzzle, he and his team build native apps and content delivery networks for entertainment.

In this interview, he explains how he cultivates innovation for his team and shares some background as to where the creative and intellectual brilliance he is known for emanates.


Applying Human Psychology To Tech

Prophecy believes there are two important elements to success in tech. Before building anything he studies market behavior.

By understanding human psychology and how personal networks impact group dynamics he’s able to create products that solve major problems.

Prophecy is exceptional because he thinks about solutions down to the level of mirror neurons and concept networks so that he and his team can better serve the masses with an amazing product.

He remains humble and says that although this way of thinking has brought him a lot of success he remains grateful because he understands that nothing is guaranteed.

“My grandmothers told me never think you’re too good to be polite and humble. When you climb you will fall and the very person you were not in your best grace with may see you tumbling down and you may need their help whether you like it or not.”

Building An Elite Team & Network

Realizing the importance of networking in tech, Prophecy built a team focused on company culture. He assembled the very best people in both the tech world and the most business savvy people he could find.

His elite network is reflected by his close work with Verizon and their certified OTT development team which was awarded the Brand Blazer award for being leaders in streaming technology solutions.

Your 5 Closest Friends Impact Your Success

The standard for excellence stemmed from his childhood of growing up with many successful people. Prophecy says that his success is due in part to the highly driven group of friends he surrounded himself with at an early age. He mentions several celebrities and wealthy people he just happened to go to school with and how he knew early on they would all be successful.

“I realized all the way through the 80’s there were a lot of very talented kids around me. To name a few Don Cheadle the actor was in my drama class and the wealthiest black man in America Robert Smith he also went to my school. That’s just to name a few. I knew those guys would be somebody they already were, you could feel the energy in the hallways at East High School back then. It was very positive.”

The Future Of Global Technology Is 3 Dimensional

Prophecy predicts that 3D technology will play a major part in the world moving forward. As humans become reclusive due to viruses and possible future outbreaks, he believes there will have to be adjustments in the way we connect and he continues to build these solutions in anticipation.

“How we share information is going the most impactful way that will catapult the next generation of technology. This will coin the optronic era. You will see more than just TV’s and devices sharing images. We are already developing 3D content delivery platforms in this era at Vuuzle Media Corporation to be one of the pioneer leaders in the near future.”