The Key Behind Time Freedom // MxM The Movement by Jay Awal

The classic story of a hardworking family set the pattern early on in the life of Jay Awal. Coming out of high school, working as a waiter while in college he began to realize that you can never have the lifestyle that you deserve as long as you are working for someone else. The first company he created was in college, a content creation agency that led him to be introduced to two individuals who brought him in as a partner of a financial education platform teaching over 200,000 people around the world how the rich make money, putting their money to work for them. Today, Jay Awal facilitates an elite group of entrepreneurs known as MxM The Movement, on a mission to help people around the world grow, spiritually, mentally, and financially. Partnering only with the most ambitious, driven, and talented people to carry on this legacy into the millions of people.


What inspired you to do something different, to achieve more?


There is gold everywhere. Most people are not trained to see it. The people around me were certainly not trained to see it. You can make some money and get yourself out of poverty, that money can come to you by mistake but in order to get the poverty out of you, it needs to be forced, it needs to be intentional. That’s what made me do something different.

I was realistic I knew no matter what as a doctor lawyer engineer I would have to work for someone else I would have to exchange my time for money and that made me realize the only real option I have is to become an entrepreneur and investor. What better way to do that than to run with people who were already doing it.

I sat down and had a hard look at my family, intelligent, loving, and most of them financially illiterate, having more liabilities than they did assets, more expenses than they did income and I wanted to be that change. We all have to start somewhere.


What obstacles have you faced as a young Entrepreneur?


Our lives are a reflection of our habits more than our education. So I became frustrated after buying all these courses only to see no change in my income and lifestyle. Faced with everything you can imagine: repeated failure, being broke and not knowing where the money to pay my bills was going to come from next, rejected from my closest friends, ridiculed by my peers, laughed at, called crazy by my family and all of those things lead me to where I am today, what is success after all without failure?

As an entrepreneur, the most difficult thing that I’ve faced isn’t within myself but more so understanding others. When you are working with a group of people it’s easy to fall in love with potential, to see something in someone that they don’t even see in themselves. I’ve learned to work with the willing, that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. That success is earned, and no matter what. It is never given.


What have you been able to achieve during your entrepreneurial journey?

Success is the steady progress of you toward your goals. The person you want to be. The things you want to have for yourself and for your family. The goals that give you satisfaction and joy.” To

define what it is you really want, and then make it so. Achieved is an end goal and what ive done is only a checkpoint in the lifestyle I’ve dedicated myself to, always achieving 

My biggest passions come from helping others, seeing someone become 1% better mentally, spiritually, and financially. There is no greater achievement in life than to serve.


What do you do for fun, to stay refreshed and moving forward?


Fun for me is learning, fun for me is traveling, serving others, experiencing new cuisines, and making new friends.