Soccer Coach and Enthusiast Yasser Siddiqui Seeks to Become a Pioneer in Individual and Small Group Soccer Training

Everyone has an aim, a plan that helps them stay on the right path and bring change to the world. Yasser Siddiqui – a soccer enthusiast – has one such aim where he wants to train future soccer players, while also leading the way in individual or small-group soccer training with the help of new technology.

 Before coming to Canada, Yasser had a well-established career and life in his home country, India. He had even managed to set up a branch of his sports company, Ayta Sports Pvt. Limited – a day and night soccer facility in New Delhi. It was the first of its kind. However, Yasser wanted to do more, and seeing his chance to train future soccer athletes, he turned his sights to Canada. He stood out from the crowd in pursuit of an idea that he was sure would gain momentum at an accelerated rate in a country where the future FIFA World Cup would be held.


 Yasser hopes to bring change to soccer training in Canada with the help of new and improved technology that is used by professional soccer players during their training. Ayta Sports is partnered with a UK-based company called Elite Skills Arena which works on developing new and better technology that helps in training athletes.

 Currently, Ayta Sports is the only sporting facility in British Columbia that has the latest technology needed to better train future soccer athletes. The coaches at Ayta work on creating tailor-made programs for athletes with the help of NASM Certified specialists that are specific to the athlete’s wants and needs. Yasser himself works at the ground level and helps the recruits realize their potential and reach it as well. He intends to help them achieve a good standing amongst their fellow soccer players and become class athletes while working their way toward being recruited for national teams.

 Yasser’s end goal is to have an impact on soccer in Canada. He sees great potential in training athletes and honing and perfecting amazing talents. He also plans on setting up a franchise of Soccer Gyms all over the West Coast, something he feels the regions in North America are severely lacking. These gyms will serve as a haven for soccer fans or players, where they can use the facilities to their heart’s content.


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