Skyrocket Your Digital Presence: Meet Anthony Mastellone & His Intuitive eCommerce & Media Agency

Tons of agencies are diluted by widespread client bases, improper teams built out for the sake of internal profitability and not caring about what matters most – seeking to make their clients succeed in achieving their goals! With professional media buyers and multiple people who have managed over 7 figures in digital ad spend on board, Anthony Mastallone’s agency is hyper-focused on client satisfaction and quality over quantity.

At Anthony’s agency, Reign Marketing, they’ve quadrupled in growth in a matter of just a couple of months since offering digital marketing services to brands besides their own. Within a matter of two months after launching, they are already managing anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 in advertising spending. 

Pinpoint the Problem

Scaling can be one of the most intimidating decisions that a company has to go through. It is an unnerving situation especially if it’s your first time and you have inadequate data, information, knowledge, and assets to do it.

Recently, one of Anthony’s clients at Reign Marketing was fluctuating between $20,000 to $40,000 per month in top-line revenue. When working with us we helped them get up to $150,000 in the month of December at a 2.3X tracked ROAS on the front end. They were able to do this through the most important principle of all – testing.

After a few weeks of breaking even and trying to find the kink in the chain – Anthony realized that there were three major flaws holding them back from breaking through:

  1. Price Elasticity. The unique product simply didn’t convert well – the solution came with intuitive A/B split tests
  2. Simpler creatives worked better than long-form content. Simple image ads explaining how the product was used got the most conversions in this case. The issue may be simpler than expected.
  3. Figuring out that we had new markets under our noses – never stop trying to solve problems.

You can only do that if you test and pinpoint the problem. 


Finding the Right Combination

With the right team in place – anything is possible. Reign Marketing has plenty of marketing talent and hard workers, but they were able to take things to the next level with great designers in place. Solid creatives that we could rotate enabled healthy CTRs, better conversions and ability to scale. This also allowed them to create high converting creatives for holiday / seasonal sales.

Testing a variety of components and reading data is key when it comes to succeeding with ads. Not being restricted by creative types, we could then participate in all formats of Facebook ad bidding – videos, feeds, canvas experience, stories, etc. with a variety of different images and videos.

Knowing What You Need

So many great products out there can reach millions of people rather than just a few thousand with the right marketing strategies and team in place. That’s why when Reign Marketing finds brilliant companies that do what they do best (create an amazing product, build the infrastructure) they like to step in and do what they do best – which is to make the entire world see and have them reap the benefits of being innovators as we partake in their growth.

Company owners need to educate themselves a bit before choosing an agency or media buyer. Understand how deals should be structured so that six months down the line – they aren’t killing profit margins. Also, understand what’s good work and what isn’t. There are tons of resources out there such as Clarity.fm where you can hire a completely unbiased consultant to look at your existing operations and review ideas with. It’s an amazing platform for a well thought out the second opinion.

Choose an agency that can take your brand from the bottom to the top and can develop a powerful strategy that maximizes profits. But you as a company, you should define your objectives and set measurable goals and determine where do you want your company to go.

Hiring the right people at the right time is a must for the growth in any company and ideally, Reign Marketing want that hire to be their agent. Their bread and butter is eCommerce, but they’ve worked with coffee shops, law firms, affiliate marketers, you name it. Trying to take shots in the dark with paid media when you’re looking to take it seriously is going to be so counterintuitive. Get the right people in place at low-risk opportunities and don’t pull the plug too soon. It takes time to gather data and once you do – it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made as a business owner implementing digital advertising into their business.