Personal Mission Statement Examples

Wondering about what personal mission statement examples are and how they help people to make decisions, avoid repeating mistakes and figure out a purpose in life.

Success does not have to be constrained by the economic and political circumstances in which we find ourselves and it never has been. Adversity, in fact, is the primary criterion for distinguishing the successful from the unsuccessful. While it may appear nonsensical to claim that a person must fail in order to succeed. It stands to reason that most successful people have learnt how to attain their goals and achieve success through a painful process of trial and error. In fact, I like to say they have failed forward because they have learnt from their mistakes and are now on their way to success.

A personal mission statement, as time and some of the most successful people have demonstrated, is a definite method to be a professional on the right track to success.

Because a personal mission statement enumerates your personal characteristics, professional accomplishments, and all of your aims and desires in a clear and straightforward manner.

Though you may assume that a personal goal statement is a ruse to sell more books, it has been used by some of history’s finest thinkers and brightest lights to practice self-reflection. Although many of these great thinkers’ writings and ideas were not put in contemplation, it is nothing more than a simple goal statement.

When we look at a handful of history’s most notorious personal mission statement users, we see nothing more than a deed put in a pen, in which they formed a codex of professional performance, which they subsequently used as motivation to achieve success in their life. This is the essence of what it means to be a professional.

The personal mission statement should start by listing and explaining all of your significant achievements, whether they came from business, relationships, volunteer work, or something else.

A good mission statement should be specific to you, your enthusiasm, strengths, and abilities, and should be clear, compelling, exciting, and inspirational. One mission statement can be used for both work and personal purposes.

How to write a personal mission statement?

Making your own personal mission statement is one way to stay motivated in your life. It is something you may refer to as frequently as you like to keep you focused on your objectives and help you achieve your full potential. When you sit down to write your personal mission statement, you will be able to pinpoint what is most important to you and your fundamental values and beliefs. Take as much time as you need to compose your personal mission statement and make sure it is genuine and honest.

Your mission statement will serve as a reference point throughout your life. It will assist you in making decisions about where you want to work, who you want to marry, and what kind of lifestyle you desire. It will be much easier to know who you are and what you desire once you know who you are.

Additionally, it will be much easier to decide who you want to work for and marry once you know who you are and what you want. You want to be surrounded by individuals who share your values and aspirations, therefore the first step is to make sure you truly understand what those values and goals are.

Take some time to do the following before you finish your mission statement.

Make a list of your previous accomplishments

Choose four or five examples from the last few years when you have achieved personal accomplishments.

Make a list of your core values

Make a list of characteristics that define who you are and what your life’s priorities are. Choose two or three values that are most important to you and circle them.


Make a list of everyone’s contributions

Make a list of all the things you can do to help. This can happen anywhere: in the world, in your family, at work, or in any other situation.

Make a list of your objectives

Make a list of your immediate and long-term personal objectives. Write your goals for the rest of your life.

After you have put everything down, you can start writing your personal statement. You will have a greater understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve with your life.

Your mission statement will be a great asset in your life, and you should review it frequently. As time passes, you may want to evaluate your mission statement and make some changes. This will assist you in keeping focused and going towards your goals.

Fulfilment is the genuine manifestation of a personal mission in action. If you are not completely happy and fulfilled, chances are you are not in the appropriate location and are not living from your true self. When you are in your element, you excel at all you do with ease and seeming ease.

Things that were not working will cheerfully fall into place when you live your objective.

Making a personal mission statement is simple, enjoyable, and quick. Take the next step now to write more about who you are and why you were created the way you are.

Personal mission statement examples

The organisation’s mission statement explains how to use and sample punch liners effectively. These statements contain a variety of goals, aspirations, and ideals that must be adhered to in order to preserve personal and organisational success in the market. Examples can be found in the domains of personal, non-profit, and commercial activities. An organisation is aware of the capabilities of everyone who works for it. They use their perspectives to solve a specific financial or commercial challenge. These points of view are combined to arrive at the best option possible. People can evaluate this proposal positively, which is necessary in order to attain the common goal of all employees.

When a company’s employees declare that they are on a mission, a sense of togetherness and single-mindedness emerges, allowing them to work together to find the best solutions to complex challenges. When a firm creates a mission statement, it creates a clear statement that is useful to the company.

Before going over the examples, it is crucial to note that a mission statement is an important instrument for publicising a product or a firm. It identifies the company’s top executives and reflects the company’s yearly performance report to consumers and investors.

First and foremost, a personal mission statement example can be used as a success measurement tool and decision making advice for personal use exclusively. With the use of such a remark, potential clients can be positively influenced. Compassion, faith, honesty, and leadership are all important components in personal mission statement examples. It is primarily motivated by a desire to help others. These remarks can help persons develop on a professional, personal, spiritual, and emotional level.

The mission statement of a non-profit organisation exhibits sophisticated and two-way community innovation that is used to help low-income families. These families are given assistance in exchange for a vow to educate their children. With an empowerment in their dexterity, these children reach their goals of self-sufficiency and knowledge. Child development programs, meaningful employment, support services, healthcare, and affordable housing are some other non-profit mission statement ideas. All of these elements are necessary for a nation’s intellectual and moral development. Various humanitarian volunteers and contributors come forward to read over the organisation’s mission statement. These comments are required for families to improve their parenting skills.

Business mission statements are prepared with the goal of giving the company a brand name and promoting the company’s newest items. It should be sturdy, straightforward, and ageless. The best method to keep a firm afloat is to portray a novel and out of the box product to the public. These individuals are stakeholders who can purchase company shares based on the company’s brand name. When a shareholder discovers something new and valuable in the market, the online motivation that comes to mind is profit.

Personal mission statement examples for leaders

It is difficult enough to navigate the present business climate without having co-workers or clients who disagree with your company’s mission or desired future. Satisfied employees and consumers support a company whose goal and vision inspire them to want to be a part of it. Make sure to provide your coworkers, clients, or owners a mission to follow as well as a vision for the future.

Your statements highlight the best aspects of your company’s goods or services. They emphasise the significance of employees and customers to your current and future business operations. Your mission statement explains why your company exists and how it will achieve its goals; your vision statement explains what you want your company to become, which is the goal.

A personal mission statement can help you define what matters most to you professionally by identifying your beliefs and goals. It also makes decision-making easier because it clarifies whether the choices you are making are in line with your life goals.

A  personal mission statement does need a significant amount of time and work to create, but once completed, it gives a tremendous payout.

A personal mission statement expresses your values, who you are, and how you define success. Also, a personal mission statement can help you make decisions and keep focused on your long-term objectives. Moreover, a personal mission statement establishes boundaries that facilitate decision-making by allowing you to assess whether your actions are in line with your long-term objectives.

Here are some personal mission statement examples:

  • To lead by encouraging innovative ideas and foresight so that our team can develop technology solutions that improve the lives of others.
  • To use my writing abilities to motivate and educate people all over the world to make a difference.
  • To lead my team, live a balanced life, and make a positive impact.

Personal mission statement examples for students

Mission statements are clearly more than a few trendy buzzwords that are posted on school building walls and displayed.

A mission statement, or simply a mission, is a public statement used by schools and other educational institutions to express their founding purpose and key organisational commitments in other words, what they do and why they do it.

Here is an example of personal mission statement examples for students:

To inspire positive change through teaching and coaching.

Personal mission statement examples for college students

You should make sure that your personal mission statement includes both educational ambitions and general professional aspirations and life philosophies.

Here are some personal mission statement examples for college students:

  • My goal is to improve my skills and apply them successfully in a competitive atmosphere. Growing as a student and with the institution that I have chosen to be a part of are both high on my priority list.
  • To value and maximise the chances that come my way; to concentrate on academics while avoiding significant compromises in extracurricular activities. I also hope to be the type of student who contributes not just to the institution’s success, but also to the growth of the less fortunate portions of society.

Personal mission statement 7 habits

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey stresses the need of creating a personal goal statement. Then, in specific situations, utilise it as a compass. He explains why having a personal purpose statement is such an important component for highly effective people.

A personal purpose statement is something you can make. A 7-habits mission statement is a document you develop that describes the big picture – the life you want to live, the characteristics you want to embody, and the effect you want to have on others.

It will guide you through the many seasons and changes in your life if you create a 7 habits mission statement that centres on your values at the core of who you are and who you want to be. In fact, crystallising the changeless core of who you are aids your ability to adapt to change by reinforcing such a comfortable sense of self that you will not be threatened by changes in the environment.

When considering how to write a 7 Habits mission statement, begin by considering the most fundamental paradigms that govern how you perceive the world. These paradigms will disclose your innermost values and ideals when you analyse them. These perspectives are reflected in Stephen Covey’s mission statements.

Because everyone is unique and has unique experiences, each person’s 7 Habits mission statement will be different; rather than inventing or mimicking someone else’s, strive to uncover your mission through self-examination, contemplation, and honest appraisal of your unique talents and values.

Writing your 7 Habits mission statement necessitates introspection and careful consideration. Allow plenty of time for this. It should be an honest and thorough examination of your paradigms and driving forces could take weeks or months. The process is equally as important as the end result because it forces you to consider how you want to live your life and what activities will support that goal.

Identifying the many roles you have such as spouse, son/daughter, brother/sister, father/mother, friend, professional, individual, and setting goals for each role will help you craft your 7 Habits mission statement. It’s easy to focus your mission statement too heavily on one area of your life and neglect others if you don’t parse out your vision and goals to address each of your roles; you might make a mission statement too centred on work accomplishments and lose the balance in your goals that reflects a balanced life if you don’t parse out your vision and goals to address each of your roles.

Goals that are effective should be focused on the ultimate result, or destination, rather than the path to get there. You may figure out a method to get there once you’ve identified your destination, and your personal mission statement will assist you when you’ve there,  but you must start with the end in mind.

You can be centred on your marriage, friendships, family, career, money, things, pleasure, or, ideally, principles, depending on your core paradigms. Your security, guidance, wisdom, and power are all determined by whatever is at the centre of your being. These facts will aid in the creation of your 7 habits mission statement.

A principle-centred life does not allow uncontrollable external influences to shape your identity, viewpoint, or power; principles are timeless and unchangeable, overriding people and situations.

According to Stephen Covey, a mission statement entails paradigms built around these indisputable truths that help you see the world more clearly, rather than money-centred, pleasure-centred, or other paradigms that distort your lens.

Examples of personal mission statements for career


In your work, your mission statement serves as a reminder to remember and begin with the ‘why’. When it comes to starting a new project, task, or program, it is frequently helpful to think about who you are doing it for, why you are doing it, and what the best end-result looks like first.

It is a good idea to consider creating your mission statement, framing it, and displaying it in a prominent location at work. Doing so can help you remember the importance of what you are doing everyday, and while your objective may necessitate little, seemingly minor daily chores, they all contribute to a larger image you can be proud of.

It can also serve as a guide for how you should spend your time on a daily basis. It is better to consider why you are doing something if you find yourself working on something for a long time that won’t help you complete your mission.

Here is one example of the many personal mission statement examples for career:

I plan to become a highly skilled photographer in order to improve my happiness and mental health. I am going to set daily picture goals so that I can keep improving. My ambition is to be able to capture everything I observe in one image, encompass landscapes and stills. I plan to hold art events to showcase my talents as I acquire experience and build a collection. Furthermore, I will involve my family and friends as much as possible so that I am surrounded by encouraging and helpful individuals.


The importance of mission statements for businesses of all sizes has been demonstrated time and time again. Strong statements have helped businesses enhance their performance, boost their value, and become industry leaders. This is supported by a large body of evidence. Taking this strong tool and applying it to your daily life will help you achieve your objectives and become more successful.

When writing a mission statement, it’s important to think about the statement’s objective as well as its format. A good statement accomplishes two goals: it focuses and inspires. This message should be written in a clear and straightforward manner.

Mission statements are used by businesses to explain why they exist. Who they are, what they do, and how they do it might all be included in their mission statement. Despite the fact that corporate mission statements differ widely, they all serve as a guide for the organisation, its employees, and the broader public.

Most people have some concept of where they want to go in life and what they want to achieve, but only a handful have created a formal mission statement. For starters, defining the actions and goals that will help you realise your vision is much easier. It acts as a guide to help you go where you want to go. You might use a mission statement to track your current situation and progress toward your ideal life. It also enables you to assess your values and integrate them into your daily routine.