Omid Kazravan Shares His Success Mantra And Opens Up On Being An Influencer

Omid Kazravan popularly known as ‘werewolfdj’ on Instagram has made his fortune by being an international speaker, best-selling author and a top-class sales coach. The mantra behind his success is to never give up and always be a student to the game. Before becoming an influencer, Omid had one question burning in his mind that he knew he needed to find an answer for. He became obsessed with figuring out why people made the decisions that they did. That placed him on his quest to learn and figure out the answer to that question. Since he was 12, he’s been following and studying the top experts and leaders in the entire self-education industry such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love, Wayne Dyer and among others.


He embarked on a journey to be a salesman for Tony Robbins until rejection hit his way for 10 months. After being rejected, he then went on to work at a car dealership to prove his skills without having proper knowledge about sales or cars. However, his hardworking attitude gave him the results and after a few months, Omid quickly began to rise to the top of the company with his best month ending by doing the sales of 64 cars. Since then, the 24-year old influencer understood the concept that selling is healing and he got expertise in not forcing people to buy but instead let them choose to purchase. It was these principles that allowed saw the rise of Omid.

He was interested in finance and investments since he was a kid. At the age of 20, Omid invested the money he made from selling cars into purchasing his first investment property. Simultaneously, he was also working on his speaking and presentation skills. He was travelling to a different city and state every single day to deliver sales training to real estate agents across the USA. His powerful communication skills gave him the recognition of an international speaker which then allowed Tony’s team to catch wind of what Omid has been up to.

Kazravan’s greatest passion is to inspire and help others to achieve their full potential and dreams by being a prime example. He is a non-stop learner since the age of 12 with reading over 200 books. Moreover, the young influencer understands the concept that the secret to living is giving. In fact, his main mission is to leave people better than he met them. Recently, he has left working with Tony Robbins and has moved to California to build a solar company. His major goal is to be a part of the solar revolution and do his bit in saving the planet.