New Zealand – Steffi Rodigas’ First Artistic Expression

Imagine the beauty of the landscapes so surreal that it refreshes a sense of purpose, motivating you to take risks and try something you always yearn for in life. 

The breathtaking mountainous landscape of New Zealand inspired ex-social pedagogy Steffi Rodigas to embrace her creativity and start afresh as an artist. 

Growing up in a small town in Germany, becoming an artist was not really an option for Steffi when she was young. She had to rely on traditional money-making occupations to support her family. 

But finally, at age 58, while visiting New Zealand for the first time, her sense of art and creativity re-ignited, and she decided to quit while she was at the peak of her career as a social pedagogy. 

The plan to refocus on her passion for art didn’t only mean leaving a stable job but also meant closing doors for a reliable income. 

But the beauty of that region had already done its magic on Steffi’s heart and soul, leaving her no other option but to pursue her passion. She began her art career by celebrating the landscapes of New Zealand, as seen on her website here.  

When Steffi held a paintbrush for the first time in years, she merely had to think twice, and already ideas were flowing in her head. Steffi was inspired to spend her life doing what she had always wanted by the spell of the place, which allowed her to paint a picture of the area.

Steffi’s New Zealand collection includes stunning views of Whangarei Falls in the Hatea River, Mount Talbot on the northern side of Shale Pass, Am Arthurs Pass in the Southern Alps of the South Island, and Vulkanischer Winter. Whether it is Abendstimmung in Kinloch or Lake Te Anau, the visuals of the place have been portrayed with intricate detail and expertise. 

The mastery of skills in Steffi’s artwork is evident as it transports the audience to the beautiful scenic views of New Zealand. Her New Zealand collection also includes the famous Milkyway am Nugget Point on the Otago coast, bringing the sparkling stars and the perfect image of the Milky Way into the picture. 

If you enjoy exploring animals, you can check out the fauna of New Zealand in her collection, too. You can find paintings of Kiwi, Kakapo, Kaka, Ruru, Karearea, Fintail, and other beauties of New Zealand. Explore through Whanganui Journey and Forest with Steffi’s beautiful depiction of New Zealand.

 In her painting Back to New Zealand, Steffi picturized the deep blue oceans with mountains covered in fog and rustling green trees, wonderfully depicting the joy of visiting New Zealand.

As you keep exploring Steffi’s New Zealand collection, you’ll realize ways a beautiful place can transform one’s vision of life. You can learn more about Steffi Rodigas and her passion for art by following her Instagram and Facebook.