Meet the Talented Fashion Designer and Owner of Henry Couture Paris – Henry Coffie

Hailing from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, Africa, Henry Coffie is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. His junior high school was in Datus Tema and he attended high school at West Africa Sec School (WASS). 2001 was the year when he arrived in Paris to live with his mother. Henry had just completed high school and had big hopes and dreams, and moved to Europe with the intention to look for greener pastures. His mother worked as a hairstylist in Paris for a span of fifteen years and he helped her in the saloon she was working in before he started to chase his own passion and dream. Henry further states that while he was staying in Paris, he did a couple of jobs that had nothing to do with fashion; from working as a dishwasher, hotel receptionist, and street hawker, he did it all. The different types of jobs he did made him learn a lot about how society and its people work.

He was introduced to the world of fashion and design when he did an internship in Paris with a suit store called Yves Dorsey. In addition to this, he also worked with a men’s wear store in Paris called 3eme Stella Rosso. All these different stores increased his love for men’s fashion and ignited his deep interest in designing suits. However, it was when he worked with Nicolas Massing in London that he was inspired by the immaculate suits from the collections. The European designs were something that Henry was immediately attracted towards and believed that he too could create something like that. He did not just fall in love with the suits, he fell in love with his passion and the luxury of a tailored suit. According to Henry, such suits emanate sophistication and highlight the elegance and grace of the person who adorns them.

After working with a variety of different men’s suit stores in Paris, Henry finally decided to move and pursue his fashion designing career in the United States. Therefore, he took all his dreams to become the best designer with him and arrived in Philadelphia in 2017. Despite the fact that it was a bit challenging to transition from Europe to a completely new location in the USA, Henry did not let it dampen his conviction and passion. He started by building his clientele portfolio and networking with local suit designers in Philadelphia to enh ance awareness in the fashion industry

in America.

After immense hard work and dedication, his first shop was inaugurated in May 2017, where he offers an array of European-inspired collections of men’s formal suits. Furthermore, he delivers high fashion and high-quality suits of a variety of fits including standard, slim, and custom. Each of his fits is created to give the clients a clean tailored look that compliments their body type and structure while reflecting style and elegance together with providing comfort and exuding sophistication. Furthermore, Henry Coffie has also been given several different awards. He was honored with the award of excellence by The Fashion 500 in NYC, the Fashion Designer 2019 Upper Darby Philadelphia award, and also has his name in the Best Fashion Designer 2020 Business Hall of Fame.