Meet Sammy Gerb – Artist, Content Realtor, and a Passionate Vet

They say “every cloud has a silver lining.” For the cloud of doom and gloom brought upon us by the pandemic, the silver lining was the turn toward the art. Artists from all over the globe came together, in these trying times, to do what they do best – to empower, encourage, and help us all empathize. We have also seen many find their artistic talents through experimentation and mere happenstance. Some of the stories are strangely inspiring and go on to show just how prevalent the effect art can have on us all. This is true for successful TikToker, content creator, and artist Sammy Gerb.

Born and raised in the scenic state of New Jersey, Sammy lived a comfortable life. Her single most serious aspiration, even as a kid, was to become a veterinarian so she majored in the field and is now a full-time vet. However, things changed for Sammy in 2020 when the pandemic hit, and everything came to a screeching halt. She recalls feeling dejected and uncertain about the future and having little to do to distract herself. This is when she found art.

Sammy first rekindled her passion for painting when she was over at a friend’s house for a game night. She decided to paint his 2×4 Jenga set with the dares/prompts on the underside of the blocks. It was then she realized that this could be a good way to be productive. She started posting videos of her painting process on TikTok and soon got her first viral video.

Currently, she has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok and an additional 22K on Instagram and Youtube combined. She posts videos about her art pieces, including the Jenga sets that she has continued to paint, and couples the videos with personal anecdotes that her followers find relatable and interesting.

Sammy paints regularly in addition to her pursuits as a social media content creator. She has painted over 600 pieces, and her artworks have been bought by people from all over the world and across all 50 US states. Her goal is to make art more relatable, accessible, and to inspire young people to listen to their artistic calling. She says, “The goal of my art is to inspire others to dream and create. I firmly believe that anyone can be an artist.”

Sammy is also a passionate social worker and she regularly donates to different charities and organizations and makes sure to pick a new one every month. In addition, she participates in relief drives and sustainability groups to give back to the community and ensure the longevity of life on the planet.