Meet Ryan Huffman, a Los Angeles Based Producer and the Founder of Huffman Creative

Like actors and directors, producers play an essential part in bringing a vision to life.

We spoke with the talented and visionary Ryan Huffman, a Los Angeles-based producer and founder of Huffman Creative. He has been working in the industry for almost a decade. As he mainly focuses on producing music and advertising content, Ryan is ready to expand into TV and film production and aims to create unforgettable projects in these domains.


Let’s get to know more about Ryan, the success he has earned, and his plan to grow.

Since childhood, Ryan was fond of filmmaking, so it was no surprise he decided to pursue it as a full-time career. After graduating from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Ryan started his professional career at Revolt TV, a live television network, where he worked as a producer on their music news show, “Revolt Live.” After some time, he decided to work as a freelance producer, ultimately leading him to launch his own company – Huffman Creative.

Because of his commitment, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan has become an accomplished producer in a short amount of time. In the past few years, he has worked with artists and brands like Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, Imagine Dragons, Drake, Amazon, Audi, Nike, Apple, and many more. His projects have also received global recognition with nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), UK Music Video Awards (UKMVA), Clio Awards, and Telly Awards.

Aside from his talent and skills, Ryan believes his personality and contagious optimism have contributed to his success. He is highly organized and goal-oriented, which allows him to focus on his work more efficiently. In addition, he considers himself highly extroverted and loves to converge with new and like-minded individuals.


Currently, Huffman Creative focuses on advertising, photography, and music videos and plans to expand into feature films and documentaries in the near future.

To know more about Ryan Huffman, you can connect with him via LinkedIn or follow him on Instagram. To see Huffman Creative’s marvelous work, click here.