Meet Motivational Speaker Jorge V. Gonzalez, the Author of ‘Answer the Call’

We live in a society where different types of people live. Some need a push to work well in life, so motivational speakers and influencers exist. They dedicate their lives to inspiring and encouraging people to take the leap in life and be victorious. Jorge V. Gonzalez is one of those speakers.

He is the author of the international best-selling book ‘Answer the Call:  Life Lessons From Family Origins Through Invention and Struggle.’ Jorge sees that many people struggle to find life’s purpose and do nothing impactful in life. Through his book, he shoulders the responsibility to help readers find their life’s calling at the right moment.


Personally, Jorge went through many difficult times to become who he is today. His opinions about life are quite insightful for many people because instead of dwelling over his past mistakes and bad experiences, Jorge chose to learn and grow. He grew up in a Mexican migrant family living in Oxnard, California. Like other Mexican kids, Jorge also faced a hard time adjusting to the new life and culture of the U.S. He made the best of the worst in his life, which makes him an inspirational individual.

Jorge considers his family’s sacrifice a huge responsibility to inspire and leave his lasting legacy on people around him. He worked day and night to become the best version of himself through reading books and self-development. Unlike others who only focus on building their careers, Jorge balanced his career and personal development together, and he turned out to be a successful and compassionate professional. He is now one of the award winning real estate agents in the city.

When asked what was the inspiration behind writing his book ‘Answer the Call: Life Lessons From Family Origins Through Invention and Struggle,’ Gonzalez says that everything he achieved in life was through God’s help. He saw that many people refuse to accept their true selves in pursuit of success and a career. Through this book, people will be able to find their God’s gifted talents. Jorge believes that his professional experience can be valuable to new agents in surviving the competitive real estate market. This book aims to help readers find purpose in life and pursue it by conquering their fears.

Other than real estate, the readers can also explore various aspects of professional life in the book. How they can organize their thoughts, put out ideas, invent something, and triumph over their achievements in life, just like how Jorge came up with the invention of ‘The Batting Pro,’ training aid for beginners in baseball and softball.


Motivational speaker Jorge is optimistic people will find the reason to live a meaningful life by utilizing God’s gifts through his book. Read Jorge’s book, ‘Answer the Call,’ as he indulges his readers into the journey of finding life’s purpose.