Meet Jay Medvedeva: A Rising Star In The Music Industry

You must have seen a lot of stars rising in their respective fields but have you seen someone whose life took a different turn after a life-changing accident. This is the story of Jay Medvedeva: a musician, DJ, and producer. Yes, you read it right she is the jack of all trades.

Born in the far east of Russia into a family of jazz musicians, Jay Medvedeva made a first and pivotal leap as a DJ in 2012, when she moved to London, where she played in clubs such as Lightbox, Pacha and Warehouse, sharing consoles along with top deejays such as Sven Väth and Martinez Brothers.


Music has always been a passion of Jay as her father was also a musician. She stepped into the world of DJ after a life-altering snowboarding accident that had her bedridden in 2007. So, she started to learn how to DJ whilst she was recovering from her surgery. Later, she competed for young talented DJs in Russia 2008 and was the only female contestant and received 2nd place. This marked the inception of her career as a DJ. Her never giving up attitude and a positive outlook of life is one of the driving factors towards her success.

Her goal as a college student was to be able to express herself and win people’s hearts through music. Moreover, as an artist she is always looking forward to enhancing her music knowledge and learning new instruments like piano.

Her success is attributed to her positive mental attitude, hard work, and kindness. She makes sure to build good relationships with clubs, promoters, booking agents, and fellow artists throughout her journey which has helped her a lot in her career.


Currently, her main goal is to keep producing and releasing music for the masses. She has started production recently with a few releases out now. Jay, a musician, DJ, and producer soon gonna to have her own label so she can support the upcoming young artists.